A Guide to Loot Packs + Taunts & Skins List

This is a follow up guide to Understanding Gear: A Helpful Guide.

Time to take a bit of the mystery (and frustration) out of Loot Packs. A lot of this information has been obtained through data mining, so it should be relatively accurate.

Also I won’t divulge too deeply into actual percentages (because RNG is a very tricky topic), but I want to give people a better idea of what to expect when they open one.

There are a total of 15 different Loot Packs you can currently obtain in the game, and are broken into 3 different types, Commander Packs, Faction Packs and Rarity Packs.

There is one Commander and Faction pack for each of the 5 factions and will only contain faction specific gear, taunts and skins. Both can have drop up to 4 items at once.

Note: Plus(+) means the gear can drop at that rarity or higher.

Commander Pack Item Slots:

  • Faction Specific Skin
  • Faction Specific Taunt (low chance)
  • Faction Specific Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear - Note: Flavour text says faction-only but the data says it could be any faction? :confused:

Faction Pack Item Slots:

  • Faction Specific Skin (low chance)
  • Faction Specific Taunt (low chance)
  • 2x Faction Specific Common+ Gear

There are 3 skins and 1-2 taunts per character that can be obtained through these loot packs and the chances of getting one to drop (unless guaranteed) are low but is roughly the same chance as getting a legendary from an epic loot pack. Also if you already have unlocked one and it happens to drop from a Loot Pack, you will instead get 500 credits (this is what I’ve seen in-game at least). Annoying as it is, at least those 500 credits are better than getting a duplicate skin/taunt you have no use for :wink:

  • Faction Packs can be obtained for 1900 credits from the in-game store.
  • Commander Packs are awarded to you every 5 Command Ranks meaning you will get a total of 20 of these (I think they also rotate factions so 5 for each faction).

The data also indicates you should get Commander Packs from getting Gold or Diamond (apparently there is a higher tier than Gold?) in all the story missions for each character. That means there might be another 50 Command Packs up for grabs if you play well enough in the Campaign. Keep in mind, these challenges are currently hidden from the in-game UI so they may no longer be in use :frowning:

Faction specific gear loot pools will favour certain gear types more than others (2-5 times more likely). You might have noticed this if you are like me and have been blowing all your credits on one faction pack for a character specific taunt.

Heal Power, Healing Received, Health Regen, Max Health

Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Skill Damage

Buildable Cost, Max Shield, Bonus Shards, Shield Recharge Delay, Shield Regen

CC Duration, Cooldown Time, Movement Speed, Bonus Shards, Shield Recharge Delay, Sprint Speed

Damage Reduction, Recoil Reduction, Reload Speed, Shield Penetration

Flawed gear also have a lower drop rate than their unflawed counterparts.

Rarity Packs give you random gear from any faction and come in 5 colours Common (White), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange). Yes legendary loot packs do exist (Nova will swear when you open one :open_mouth: , you get 3 for purchasing the Deluxe Edition of the game, and 1 for when you hit Command Rank 100. These are the only ways to get them at the moment that I know of.

Common Pack Item Slots:

  • 2x Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear (50%)

Uncommon Pack Item Slots:

  • Random Uncommon+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear (50%)

Rare Pack Item Slots:

  • Random Rare+ Gear
  • Random Uncommon+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear (50%)

Epic Pack Item Slots:

  • Random Epic+ Gear
  • Random Uncommon+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear (50%)

Legendary Pack Item Slots:

  • Random Legendary Gear
  • Random Rare+ Gear
  • Random Uncommon+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear
  • Random Common+ Gear (50%)

Btw the chance of a Legendary in an Epic Loot Pack IS pretty decent, so those are definitely worth buying if you are trying to collect Legendaries. Unlike Faction packs however, you have a chance of getting a Legendary from any Faction (excluding character specific gear), which is a 1 in 84 chance of getting the specific Legendary you might be after.

Not all faction legendaries can be obtained from Faction/Commander Packs either it seems. Some factions have more legendaries in the loot pack pools than others…This could be an error, redundant data, or boss specific drops being excluded.

Eldrid Loot Packs (3/16):

  • Talon of the Hawk
  • Shadoculars
  • Vidanium Root Tea

Jennerit Loot Packs (4/17):

  • Solar Sustainer
  • Vampiric Vestment
  • Sustainment Well
  • Voxis Core

LLC Loot Packs (9/17):

  • Arcship Buoy
  • Orbital Tracking Spike
  • Defensive Reasoner
  • Generous Refund Policy
  • M.R. Synchro-Link
  • Energetic Refractor
  • Starkweather’s Oscillator
  • Hidden Charger
  • Waveform Destabilizer

Rogue (8/16):

  • “Bloody Mess” Burst Kit
  • Finiscian Wrench
  • Lorrian Purse Cutter
  • Comeback King
  • Trail Blazers
  • “Go-Go Juice”
  • Burning Sunset
  • The De-Turtler

Peacekeepers (9/17):

  • Dr. Fist’s Medic Bag
  • All-4-One™ Morale Booster
  • Pain-2-Gain™ Re-Knitter
  • CYA Module
  • Borrowed Timer
  • R.D.C. Ground-Pounders
  • Anti-Motion Brace
  • Emergency Auto-Medic
  • Friction Fizz™

Each character currently has a total of 5 taunts and 11 skins (including their default skin) that can be obtained in the game. Since there are so many I have put together a spreadsheet for them.

Note: Since I have moved away from posting data dumps on the forums, these spreadsheets are not being updated, so treat them as a window into the past :wink:

Taunts & Skins List

There’s 5 taunts that aren’t in the Loot Packs which I assume are part of the Digital Deluxe. Probably some skins too but I haven’t checked.

  • Miko: Readiness
  • Orendi: Hand Puppet Theater
  • Caldarius: Mission Complete
  • Phoebe: All in the Wrist
  • Oscar Mike: Re: Your Neck

What about Alani? I can’t see her files yet since I just have a vanilla version of Battleborn on PC :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this makes it a bit more clear where you should be spending your credits for sweet loot!


Thanks for that awesome Work! This Thread should get a Sticky! :heart:

@Topic: Another Taunt u can get from Rogue Loot Pack is Reyna’s - “and Down” Taunt. I have it for her. If u want to fill it in the List. :slight_smile:

PS: Please make the Fraction-Typed Names fat. So everyone can see it better and don’t “unsee” it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I was pretty certain these were all the taunts i can actually see in the data right now. It might be a localization difference thing, like some of the Rogue pre-fixes for gear seems to differ to what’s on my Aus PS4 copy of the game to the PC version which is where this info was pulled from.

I must be unlucky because i already opened around 70 jennerit pack and only got 2 skins… and 9 x 500coins

Btw the chance of a Legendary in an Epic Loot Pack IS pretty decent, so those are definitely worth buying if you are trying to collect Legendaries

how much in terms of % is ‘pretty decent for legendary chance’?

And what about % for faction gear for legendary?

The information is quite helpful for sure.

Any chance you will look into boss drop rates for legendaries?

The problem with drop rates is there will always be someone with the absolute worst luck and people are extremely bad at judging how good or bad something is once they are given a finite number. Getting a higher tier item drop from a lower tier package is possible (ie if you are very very very lucky you could even get a legendary from a common package). I don’t know what the actual drop rates of legendaries were in Borderlands 2 but I believe getting a Legendary from an Epic Loot Pack is better than what it was like farming bosses in BL2 so if you got credits to blow and you aren’t chasing taunts or skins, Epic Loot Packs are a good choice. Another thing to keep in mind, is that is still better than no chance of a Legendary since you can’t buy Legendary Loot Packs atm and I believe you will not be able to obtain all the legendaries through boss drops alone.

I’ve only glanced at boss legendaries, but for one, I believe there is different loot pool for each boss depending on whether you are playing on Normal or Advanced (Hardcore doesn’t factor in on Legendary drops I think). I’m not sure if you can get Normal Legendary drops while playing Advanced, but there are definitely Advanced only drops for each boss (like Normal and Hard mode raids in Destiny). I do plan on putting together a list eventually I have just come to realize when putting together a visual guide for taunts and skins that Patches and Updates to the PC version seem to be applied in a way where I may be looking at stale data for certain things (and why I can’t divulge anything about Alani since she wasn’t in the base game). It really sucks because a lot of the information I am trying to pull together should be available through APIs like how Bungie does it with Destiny instead of an eager beaver like me sifting through GBs of data that may even be obfuscated and/or out of date :frowning:


I want a specific jennerit piece of gear, which is a rare move speed gear (boots) with the negative attached (rare exo-greaves with +move speed, +move speed after melee, and +recoil).

I have been spamming ‘Jennerit Loot Packs’ from the store (1900 credits).

You note that the Jennerit loot packs preference ‘offensive’ gear (damage, atk speed etc)… is it even possible to get the boots from these packs?

Even if it is, would I be better off buying rare loot packs instead?

You’d want Unstable Reaver’s Exo-Greaves; + Movement Speed, + Bonus Movement speed for 5 seconds after landing a Melee Hit but at the cost of increased Recoil.

It is cheaper to buy a Jennerit Loot pack (1900) than it is to buy a Rare loot pack (2850), and you can get Rare loot packs and Rare tier drops from doing story missions while you can only get faction packs from challenges or the marketplace.

The number of possible items that can drop would be much smaller in a faction specific loot pack, since there are about 150 Jennerit items total whereas a Rare pack has 168 rare items plus pretty much everything else as a possible drop. Rare loot packs are only guaranteed 1 rare or higher item which could be any Rare item or Epic or Legendary, however faction packs will more likely drop Commons and
Uncommons, so it is really up to you how you want to spend your credits.

You also have a chance at very rare skins and taunts If you stick to faction packs.

It’s not that simple though. The probability of me getting my gear from a faction pack is not 1/150, it is far less since attacking gear is favoured way more heavily from a jennerit pack than move speed gear, no?

I think rare packs would make more sense for me to actually get the gear I want, and I have a chance at getting other good things… and I can stop getting 6million violent endoskeletal grafts.

Couldn’t care less about skins and taunts.

I’ve bought a ton of rogue packs trying to get a certain Orendi taunt and I’ve gotten a legendary called Corpse Reviver something like 5 or six times now. It’s just a legendary version of the -cc helmet item–very irritating.

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I feel you. It can be hard when you are after a particular taunt. I’m even getting legendaries more often than taunts XD

In regards to the digital deluxe edition, what about players who bought the physical version of the game?
I wonder if they will release a ‘deluxe upgrade’ at some point?

I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’ve made myself broke trying to unlock Whiskey Foxtrot’s skins and taunts and still don’t have ANYTHING for him :’<

This thread is going to save me hours of frustration (and credits lol).

hi there, one question I have is does this apply to secondary effects as well?(for what faction) like say for more shield secondary effects I should open LLC loot packs? or for more cooldown secondaries I should open rogue packs?

This might be of use to you :wink:

I’m also looking at adding a list of possible sources you can obtain a particular item, it’s just not quite ready yet.

thank you very much, I actually just found a bunch of cooldown secondaries right after I posted that…I built them into a build and thorn is lovely with blight’s going errywhere!

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