A Gun That Shoots Poop? Really, Gearbox?

So, I found this incredibly cool looking Torque alien assault rifle.

A Double Penetrating Rock Hard Blister (pics below).

Fairly low damage compared to most other Torque weapons, but, it’s an Alien gun, and does Radiation damage, and says “Increases damage the longer you fire”, which I had never seen before.

“Cool!”, I thought, and was very excited to try it.

So I did.

And it fires a continuous stream of what I can only describe as a very runny feces coloured liquid (pics below).


To the point that by the time I was done killing the mob (which it did pretty damn effectively), the area around me looked like a Porta-Potty had exploded.

I realize it’s supposed to be radioactive “sludge”, but come on, that colour? That consistency? With the incredibly frequent toilet and poop jokes in this game?

It’s funny, and I’ll still use it, but, like…please grow up past the age of 12, Borderlands 3 writers!

rolls eyes forever

EDIT: Also, it brings new meaning to the term “Shooting the s**t”.



I don’t get people complaint about this stuff borderlands one you looted toilets, piles of poop, there was a side quest to shoot rakk poop off of a windmill.

Poop jokes are part of the franchise as much as anything.

I’m 38 and I still laugh at it like I did 10 years ago.


Have to disagree with you here, this series is basically all about being mentally 12 again. But with more violence. I think the writers deserve criticism for other things before we get to the results of a certain weapon.


@Cianalas @Derch

Fair enough, gents.

It’s light criticism.

I still laughed!


I NEED IT NOW. (the stupid system doesnt think my sentence is clear…)

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10 years ago it was funny, doesn’t mean it’s not funny now…

However I’ve grown up, had a kid, and changed loads of diapers. Poop just doesn’t do it for me anymore - and when you consider the target audience is likely returning fans of the franchise it’s silly to think that none of us have matured at all. In fact I would argue that most of the returning fans were looking for an evolution into the humor, because if we wanted more of the same jokes we could always play previous installments.

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a game made specifically around a kind of humor can’t use that same humor 10 years down the line anymore in their sequels. Who would buy that kind of game anyway

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You guys can’t deny that in the other games, this kind of stuff was relatively not encountered very often.

Sure, you looted toilets, but they were always empty, never dirty at all.

In this instalment it’s SOOO MUCH toilet humour, and they literally even added yellow and brown splash effects when you loot toilets in this game.

Give me a break.

I found this thread hilarious because there are tons of poop guns in this game that shoot and act like poop without being that specific like this one.This one is just poop.

ALSO its very disturbing that all the alienlike guns look like an anus.Still feels good.(when Im not looking at them at a specific angle)


imma just leave this here.

How many copies has Borderlands 3 sold?

26 million copies

The franchise has sold over 26 million copies . Gearbox will host a gameplay reveal on May 1 that will show hands-on footage of Borderlands 3 .

im sure thats just preorder # but u get the gist.

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Like what?

(honestly curious, not being argumentative)

EDIT: Lol you mean s****y guns!


gonna need my 60 dollars back, there’s too much poop. experience ruined. my family is dying


That’s sepsis from poo getting into combat wounds!

Or possibly dysentery!


Isn’t the pipe bomb just a big poop explosion?

lol ok the refund guy is taking a s*** right now if u could come back in like 15 min he should be done…lmao

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Yes there is also Its Piss grenade , solid foundation for a build
Moze players would apreciate a combo of piss + poop for that glorious one hand berzerker rpg build.

Doesn’t that porta-potty side quest in Lectra City reward you with a red text launcher that shoots poop blasts?

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Someone create a poop build now

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wasn’t one of krieg’s big hallmarks stuff about poop

hes the conductor of the poop train.