A Gun That Shoots Poop? Really, Gearbox?

really, gearbox? a krieg that rides a poop train? for shame

No reason, i’m just bored :smiley: :rofl:


please grow up past the age of 12, Borderlands 3 writers!

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I found a cryo version of this gun. It shoots this white stuff…

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also, there is a rocket launcher that shoots poop

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For realsies?

I suspect not for realsies…

Yeah but is the gun strong?

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It is.

Devastating, actually.

Mobs just melt.

So, I take it you havent dont the sidequest for the porta-pooper 5000 gun then

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I’m on chapter 13 and I’ve done every side mission and crew challenge so far.

Was that the early game one in Lectra City, or possibly Meridian Metroplex?

Look at the barrel on that thing.

Buttholes are exit only, people!

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Huh , I would not venture in there.
I mean into that topic.

I will show myself the door now.Bye :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s no worse than the literal poop grenade we had that could kill literally everything in like 4 grenades or less…

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Post mob slaying Porta-Potty explosion puddle (this gun is actually pretty seriously deadly and unstoppable, also, it has a sphincter in the barrel):

If your poop is orange you probably want to see a doctor op.

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Gotta stop ingesting Legendaries!


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be glad it isn’t a Jackobs…

fan that ■■■■…

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Borderlands 3: The Poopening

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Eat more fiber, son.

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