A handy guide to who/how you should play: d12/d10 Edition + Birthday Edition

I keep seeing people do d6 “who should I play” things so I go an idea… why not make a comperhensive “how should I play” randomizer! I am a D&D player/DM so obviously I have a bunch of random dice. For those who don’t own these dice you can always find a Dice Roller online. I also decided to do a “Birthday” version if you’d rather do that. If you’d like, go ahead and post what you go and if you think you’d be even remotely interested in trying it out in-game.


d12 and d10


For my dice roll I got 3 on the d12 and 4 on the d10 which means I’m looking at a Demo Moze that only uses Hyperion equipment. That sounds… challenging. I’m an October 26 baby so looks like I can try out a Stalker FL4K that only uses Maliwan Shotguns and Launchers. Hey, means Fade Away will pack a pretty big punch.

How about you, kiddos? Anyone wanna test fate for a potential challenge?

I’m picturing someone born on the 20th running around trying to maintain a grenade stash right now…

The numbers didn’t really work out lol. It’s not mandatory. Just a “if you wanna try”. Personally, I’d say people could just combine action skills, grenades, and melee.

They posted a who should i play randomizer on the Borderlands 3 twitter. Just click on the image to see who you get. I got Zane which is who I was going to play anyway.

Found it! I’ll go ahead and put a link right here for other people to check it out. I got Amara literally 4 times in a row sooo…