A host of suggestions and improvements

So, after a great many hours in this lovely game, I have a few suggestions that might make for a bit better playing experience:

PVP Que Tweaks:

Open PVP Que - Put me in Coach!
Add an option to just que for PVP, and stick in players into any game type. In my experience, I’ve happily played any gametype, but having to hop in and out of ques to try and find a faster match isn’t what I would hope for. (The example I have for this would be TF2 - there’s an option for “Put me in coach!” that I feel would greatly improve player que times.) Granted, not everyone is wanting to play any game type, but I would hope there is a fair portion of the player base that is just wanting to play, and not inclined to care what.

Hide Command Levels, Show Character Levels - But I’m Scared!
Currently, when loading into a PVP que command levels are shown, assumably as an indicator of skill on the opposing team. However, due to the perceived level of difference, I (and probably every other guy who’s been in a group with level 100s), have watched people DC out due to the thought that the game is going to be completely one sided due to opposing command levels. (Nevermind that level 3 command who plays marquis that eats souls for lunch. He’s a haXXor, it’s not that he’s a total badass). To make up for this and to give players a better idea of the skill levels of the opposing team, show their character levels in the splash screen after character selection. On this, maybe change the scorecard to show Character Level and Helix level (C/H).

Map Changes - Can’t see a damn thing!
Several bits here, rapid fire:
Allow the map to be viewed in PVP matches during the “Nova Pep Talk” period
Allow the map to be scrollable while opened up fully
Allow the map to be viewed in Private PVP matches

Creation of a map toggle function -
Options menu change - allow me to have the map open all the time. This would need a transparency setting and a few tweaks from the radar - it would be horribly unbalanced to allow me to open the map and see hostile data, but allowing me to be able to see the whole battlefield with friendly data on it might not be (and it might help with the lack of usability of the radar)

Team Health Bar (credit to @sinpai for this one) - We don’t see them.
Put friendly health statistics in the top left corner of the HUD. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an ally die right next to me because I didn’t see their health bar because I was beside Montana or Attikus. If one was feeling crazy, perhaps include current status ailments beneath their health bar so support characters can make a decision on who to heal or shield first.

Late train addition - it appears someone else has also suggested this, can’t overstate the potential use here for support characters.

Scoring - Gimme MOAR POINTS!
So, I’m not sure how the reward system in Battleborn works, but I feel that it’s tied at least a bit to the points scored in a match. (I could be wrong, maybe the rounds where I’ve had crazy scores I’ve done all the other stuff too and not paid as much attention to.) A suggested point improvement:

Player Kills - 2 points
Player Assists - 1 point
Objective Scored - .5 points (taking points in capture, escorting minions to the grinder in Meltdown, and whatever it is in Incursion)
Minion Kills - .25 or .125 points per minion kill? I feel that there should be a reward in terms of score for the guys who literally clear waves non-stop, because of the incredible value it has in the minion based matches, and it could help players feel better about their teams.

Scorecard column adjustment -
During a match, the first three columns are Kills / Deaths / Assists (order might be borked), with Score all the way to the right. Could we get score placed first, or to change them a bit to show priorities?

Title Progression Status - Giveth Glory Unto ME!
Can we get a progression status on titles in the Command Area - e.g. an X of X below titles that have not been unlocked yet, and perhaps a Date Earned on the titles as well?

Also, thanks to @sinpai and @thomasisbetterthanyo and @rathgon for a few bits and pieces and sounding boards for this wall of text.


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Don’t know if this will happen, but something similar has definitely been discussed internally.

Re: the map, you know you can force the entire minimal to display, right? options>gameplay>match map display styles>minimap only