A Hot Fix for Battleborn Has Rolled Out Today, 12/21/2017

Happy Holidays, Battleborn fans! A hot fix has rolled out on all platforms today, December 21st! Full notes can be found below!

Damage Adjustments

Quick or Off-hand melee damage can be a crucial part of some characters’ kits while for others, it is largely ineffective. The intent of the quick melee is to be a tool that allows Battleborn to give themselves some space to maneuver and to deal a moderate amount of damage to enemies crowding into melee range. While it was largely serving its purpose, the aforementioned extreme cases highlighted inconsistency regarding the effective quick melee damage per second available across characters. As part of an ongoing effort to reduce the balance impact of esoteric game elements, we’ve made some adjustments to the base off-hand melee damage for a number of characters.

The following reflect quick melee damage values at Level 1 before and after the adjustments:


  • Rath: 67 -> 151
  • Phoebe: 42 -> 63
  • Montana: 104 -> 151
  • Galilea: 94 -> 120
  • Deande: 99 -> 120
  • Alani: 54 -> 63
  • Kleese: 78 -> 94
  • Attikus: 66 -> 78
  • El Dragón: 73 -> 84


  • Ghalt: 84 -> 47
  • Toby: 104 -> 78
  • Ernest: 104 -> 78
  • Whiskey Foxtrot: 130 -> 78
  • Pendles: 104 -> 84
  • Beatrix: 104 -> 89
  • ISIC: 70 -> 63

For an up-to-date list of updates and hot fixes to Battleborn, check out the Battleborn Knowledge Base. As always, contact support.gearboxsoftware.com if you experience any issues with this fix.


Happy Holidays Everyone !!! :santa:


Toby further nerfed on my birthday, when my last hotfix request was for an increase to his damage on my birthday?

Seems normal for a Battleborn balance hotfix…

Blows party favor.

You can still have some cake, Gearbox:


Rip melee Whiskey builds. You will be missed.


Is this a typo? Because that’s more than double, and by far the largest change to anyone.


It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s accurate. Rath’s quick melee is very slow and has a long recovery time compared to other quick melees.


Rath just became my new playing main, now that Toby has finally been nerfed in every facet of his damage output…

What about his self destruct sequence?

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Why? Why bother with this? “Should we fix Oscar Mike’s damage being basically a permanent Whiskey ult? Nope, let’s nerf Ernest’s quick melee.” Love you Gearbox, but I can’t even begin to comprehend your priorities.


Take away my ability to commit Finiscicide as a result of the nerfs, eh? :smirk:

Seems legit.

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Technically, Finiscicide.


Ooh, that’s way fancier! Editing it in, thanks!


No… decrease Boldur’s melee too! :slight_smile:

They already did that though. Does it need further nerfs?

Oscar Mike remains busted.

Though all the characters where light melee did need to be toned down is nice I guess

Why?!! I was enjoying that Ernest melee >:(


I wonder who was calling for this adjustment. Very odd thing to adjust out of all the things in the game.


Good thing I got all those Ernest QM videos before the hot fix xD

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Oh they did? The QM damage. Didn’t know… awesome

Yeah it was in the last set of nerfs the gave boldur along with the dr nerf and movement speed.