A Hot Fix for Battleborn Has Rolled Out Today, 12/21/2017



She’s already nonexistant in our tens unless we are doing the occasional non draft session and (usually) I just pick her for the heck of it. Why nerf her without giving her anything back?

Most of the damage she deals with her Injector is only on minions, her ultimate is not very scary for the enemy team (getting killed by it is almost as embarrassing as being killed by a sunspot or by corruption and most people I know only use it as a glorified wave clear with long cooldown). Patient Zero and Fulminate are great, but she usually isn’t picked just for those and it is a lot of work to get good use out of them. She has truckloads of wound, but the other characters with a wound bring better utility overall and therefore outperform her in most cases (there are compositions she works with, but it is hard work for everyone involved).

Her QM being one of the stronger ones was something she needed for at least a little defense against being dived by melees, because she dies very fast and can’t run away from anyone - and I know from my own experience that no one on the team usually bothers with protecting that poor little girl. :frowning:

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this hotfix is both fair and balanced

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as Gru from despicable me


A small lightbulb that is. I already love working Deande’s quick melee damage into normal gameplay but perhaps I can be a bit more cheeky now with it. Maybe I’ll come back and play with it for a bit…

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Deande Rath quick melee tag team inbound

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RIP the Ghalt dream though

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Garrus you could literally just use your hooks and nemo and I would still make room for you.

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Okay I like that idea…

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Omg hook in light melee beat down? #newmeta

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WF really didn’t need that nerf. His knife is one of the slowest in the game and was only good as a finisher since you might only get one shot in. I may have made videos of knife only whiskey games but that shouldn’t mean that the knife gets the axe.

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Merry F***ing Christmas to me!!!

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I’m likewise interested as others mentioned in why this was considered a priority. I don’t really see the appeal in nerfing Mike like others have put forward but there are some definite numbers that should be changed. (Give Toby back his… everything… you monsters!)

Sad to see Beatrix and Toby getting the nerfbat. Their QM even made sense in being higher since Toby has a big magna-mace and Beatrix has the injector (and a bunch of skills that make use of it).

Oh welp. At least someone out there in Gearbox-world is still tipping their hat to us every once in a while… Even if the changes are ones that nobody seems to be wanting or enjoying (queue/challenge changes excepted).

Happy holidays everyone! Here’s to positive changes in the new year.

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And let’s not forget that Toby is one of the last characters to get within melee range- usually only using it to repel melee harrasers -so why nerf it? It doesn’t make a ton of sense, but that IS what we have been used to with character balance. I honestly just figured that they remembered Toby even had an almost unused melee option, and wanted to complete the overall nerfing of his arsenal…


Shrugs while nodding thoughtfully.

Alright, yeah; fair point. I may not be the happiest person after the latest damage change numbers, but at least the game wasn’t dropped entirely.

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I think it’s funny that a high level Rath can out damage his own ult in two quick melee critical strikes on a thrall. Just putting that out there.

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An Alani buff ?!

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Easy dude, it makes little to no difference.

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Y’all, I gotta talk about that Kleese melee buff. Ever since he got it he’s been walking around with a little glove an’…

A slap is heard.

I challenge you to a duel!

Yeah, that. So…

A loud slam is heard. Followed by an elderly squeal of terror.

Do not EVER touch me, young fool!

Ya know what, never mind. I think he’s learned his lesson y’all.


Regardless of all the perssimism (like usual) found on this thread towards something that makes very little impact, thank you Gearbox for still caring and providing support to your game.

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The impact may be largely irrelevant for many characters, but i still feel that questioning the thought process behind the change, and voicing our grievances with it, may help prevent the thought process behind a similar change with a larger impact; the slight nerfs and buffs to some characters’ quick melee simply doesn’t make a lot of sense to many of us, personal feelings about our main characters aside.

For example, can ypu explain why you feel a nerf to a sniper’s quick melee- one of the few tools they have to repel melee characters -makes sense? Do you see a lot of snipers like Toby quick melee-ing other players to death?

Also, responding negatively to a balance change in no way means that those who disagree with it are against Gearbox, or any less thankful for their continued support of Battleborn…

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This must be the full rebalancing of every character that was supposed to have been in the last big update.

Alas! Balance achieved!

Oh wait…

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Without Dreadheart the second melee doesn’t need to even be a crit.