A Hot Fix for Battleborn Has Rolled Out Today, 2/27/18

A hot fix for Battleborn has rolled out on all platforms today, February 27th! See below for more information from the developers:

“As many of you may have noticed, we recently made a number of items that were previously only available for Platinum available for purchase with both Platinum and Credits. This was an effort to provide players who had amassed sums of Credits something to spend them on that they could be excited about and to make items like Finishers more accessible to a wider number of players.

We did however run into an issue with that change as it related to VIP Passes and Finishers. In response, we’ve made some changes that will allow VIP Passes and Finishers to be purchased with Credits or Platinum through the Bundles page of the Marketplace.


Once purchased, they will show up as they always have in the “Owned Boosters” section of the “Boosts” page, where they can be activated at a time of your choosing.”

For an up-to-date list of updates and hot fixes to Battleborn, check out the Battleborn Knowledge Base. As always, contact support.gearboxsoftware.com if you experience any issues with this fix.



Man, I was hoping Whiskey might get his knife back or something.

This is a really cool change though! Nice to be able to spend credits on more things instead of just rerolling items hoping for the perfect cosmetic items on gear I already have.


Breaking Character…

Agreed. This is a very positive change and I have nothing negative to say about it.
You can now grind missions for random skins that were previously platinum only, or you can purchase them outright for one that you specifically want.

This essentially fixes one of the largest complaints about the microtransaction system.

EDIT: I also didn’t realize that private PVP matches now counted towards the platinum quests. This too is a positive change. Especially for me, on PC, when I can never seem to get on when everybody else is on.


This is good and welcome change in regards to the marketplace of Battleborn.

Now for the community to make weekend warrior events, especially on PC and we are golden. gets Battleborn a resurgence of players and that is good for the game, since season 2 of content will be made, after the thing that everyone wants Gearbox to work on is in a good state.

What are you talking about?

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