A hotfix to give us a weapon's Mayhem level?

Just asking. It would be fun while we wait for everything else. :sunglasses:

thursday patch

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I missed that. Sounds good.

its in this post: i recommend u take a read its really chunky

I did see that. I was referring to …Thursday? That I haven’t seen.

Theres nothing there about a new release date for the patch?

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I think the general assumption is that the delayed patch will drop this Thursday. We’ll know one way or the other in a little over 48 hours.

I don’t believe that the change could be done by hotfix, or we’d have had it already.


Hope so :confused:


yea man imagine being able to use hellwalker to actually kill things

imagine using guns fort he damage they can deal instead of bonus damage they could do if you meet this special condition that can be same or more than guns damage by factor of 1.5 OOF

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Does it tell us what level the weapon IS or what level the weapon DROPPED on.

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Im i dunno. I was at a mega verge of.negativity initially thrn i regained it. Just did valks last night got a berner shield again… A firesale long musket and a Vanquisher.

Some.of these things dmg are so low i wonder how they could be past mayhem 4. Im at m10

Im wondering if stuffs even m10 myself.

Feelin negative. Like what if a normal 57 dmg gun drops n it just gets a label… M10

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