A How To: Fighting Master Gee

With the influx of people from the Handsom Collection, I would just like to give everyone who has never fought him before some tips. These tips are assuming you want to have a “fair” fight against him as there are “cheap” ways to do so.

You can not damage him initially. Not until his shield is broken the first time.

How do you break his shield? With acid pools!

How do you make acid pools? Kill his worms.

HOWEVER, you must lead him to the center of these acid pools (you’ll know its the center from a little geyser bubble) for him to absorb it. If you don’t, the acid pool will consume the arena and you will take constant damage. You can use singularity grenades to pull him to a pool.

Master Gee moves in a fairly predictable pattern. For a large portion of the fight, he will be chasing someone. This person is in charge of leading him to the pools. It is best to approach pools straight on, then jumping over the center and continue moving in a straight line. If he follows, he will absorb the pool. The other people are responsible for killing the worms and, should one of you go in to FFYL, reviving them. It is not wise for the person being chased to do this unless they can phase rez.

Try to only have 1 (or no) acid pools in the arena. More pools means more damage and fewer places to avoid said damage.

Once the acid eats through his shield, it will regenerate. NOW your guns will deal damage.

BUT, worms will still spawn and create acid pools upon dying. The basic strategy does not change. Whoever is being chase should still lure him over the acid pools. It’s basically free damage per second if you utilize it, and a bane if do not.

In his final phase, who will lay down a purple bubble and anyone inside will gain massive health regeneration. This will mostly work to your advantage but there is a drawback. If all 4 of you survive and are in the bubble, it is very easy to be picked off by the rocket launcher if you are not careful.

Good Hunting.


Was just told about this:


Gonna try that. Very cool!

…wow…too bad I still have to get past Hyperius first. Is there an anvil I can drop on him or something?

[quote=“kenloe, post:4, topic:312401, full:true”]
…wow…too bad I still have to get past Hyperius first. Is there an anvil I can drop on him or something?
[/quote]There’s Goth’s vid of Boring with the Lv1 Pistol:

I also found this, tho you should note that this is at Lv61:

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The method used to insta kill Hyperius with Maya, is known as “Deal with the Devil” or “Immolate glitch”. It has been patched. You can still activate this glitch, but it can only be done in 4-player difficulty. Since that increases the enemy’s health, it’s not as effective anymore. It’s not possible to one-shot any of the raids anymore. The 4-player health buff cancels out almost all of the extra damage from the Immolate glitch. Your health is also down to zero when you use this glitch, so it’s vital that the fight is short. One hit, and you’re in FFYL.

Hyperius (and Gee) are responsible for activating the 4-Player glitch in the first place so…

Thanks for the vids…I knew about Goth’s one-shot b0re but hadn’t seen the second one. Don’t have a Zer0 right now tho…anyone tried Goth’s idea with Maya and Chain Reaction? I also ran across another vid on YT that shows Hyperius being killed by dropping the elevator onto him, but that took three people to set up apparently.

At some point, I’d like to try the DwtD after getting a Hoplite and Norfleet (I have everything else needed to pull it off). I also need a LOT of practice with solo raid-bossing like this in general.

Hmmm… That they do! Then I suppose something else was done in that patch, coz I sure couldn’t make it work anymore.

Masterkizz has a vid that shows how to do the immolate trick post-patch and at lvl 72 (He also shows that it won’t work on OP 8); certain gear is needed to get your health to 0, and he shows what/how to do it. Works with either a Norfleet or Sand Hawk (I’d forgotten about the Sand Hawk…all I need is a Hoplite and I can try it).

I stand corrected! It obviously still works at level 72. I tried it on OP 8. And just like in the video, it didn’t work there. I drew the wrong conclusions from that. My bad!