A Huge Battleborn Title Finally Achieved!

So, after 11 months, and Medicinal Use Only (10,000 assists) almost times 3 now, today I FINALLY got Angel of Death (which is 10,000 Battleborn kills).

No Bots Battle, just hard work, lots of Battleborn, and slowly, slowly learning to play more offensively!

Big thanks to go out to my usual Battleborn crew (sadly, you’re not all on the forums!) for helping me get here!

@Deande @SirWalrusCrow @codarik @beatrix @handsomecam @ancientbelgareth @viraforti @AForestTroll @loving-hatred @epicender584

In honour of this occasion, here is Angel of Death by Slayer:



Beat you, mate!

(just kidding of course I know you took a break, etc! Just wanted you to know…VALIDATE ME! :joy::+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:)

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Galilea is on your screen. This does not compute.


LOL fair enough!

Therefore, your award is invalidated. Shame. Shame. Shame. Good luck next time.


Ohhhh nooos alll my hard work…!

hangs self in garage



Hehe I know you’re just joking and what you really meant to say was, “Awesome! Nice work!”

Incorrect assumption detected. Failure. Failure. Failure.

Just kidding… not. Or am I?

p.s. I am


If you’re NOT kidding, Gali will find you.

And kill you.

Or at least TRY to kill you and then get 3 vs 1’d by your teammates, which is what normally happens to my Gali in combat!

Then ERNEST will fire a grenade at you, only it will be a dud, and he will suffer the same fate as Gali!



Congrats! Welcome to the club!

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“No Cheesing”

PFFFFT. You extensively played Warfare Rumble as Ernest. Probably got 1k+ kills easily off of that.

Warfare Rumble + Noob Pub-Stomping got you that Title.

At least be Truthful you lil’ sh*t D<

congrats on finishing that grind though


Way to go, man!!
So what is your next goal? 100,000 assists?

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I took these last five months off just for you mate, couldn’t let you be the last of us :wink:

Lol nah jokes, well done mate top stuff, I need to come back sooner rather than later, I’m still 1,200 odd off and I think this makes me the last of the group to get it, haha I’m a noob :frowning:

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To be fair, whenever I play with Filthy, it always seems like our teams primary objective is to steal filthy’s kills so…

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To be fair, it always seems when we play against filthy our team’s primary objective is to KILL HIM DEAD so…

Yeah, I get it.

S’why I said congrats on that long 11 month 1,000+ hour grind. He’s a dedicated guy. :smiley:


Whoa chill out!

I wasn’t expecting the hostility!

This took me LITERALLY over 1000 hours to get!

Sheesh, I’ll edit the OP, I guess!




Edited, happy now?

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Another Filth taught some modesty and humility. I am pleased indeed!

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Congratulations on your wonton murder, Fellah! It takes true dedication to wipe out a small town!

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LOLOLOL…I knew you all just like to give me a hard time!