A Hundred Names For Sand Achievement not appearing PS4

I have all locations discovered, 78/78 and the Hundred Names for Sand Achievement is not appearing, really frustrated and heard that this is a common occurrence.
Any tips or help on how to fix?

So what seems to work as I did this yesterday. Was to go back and and revisit all locations in Pandora in one go without quitting out to the menu. I unlocked it for Pandora and Promethea. I was going through all the planets in one go but my game soft booted me to the home screen when i was loading into one area in Eden -6. The problem is when you quit or get booted out it resets your progress. So i can try to redo Eden 6 but if I finish rediscovering all other planets it won’t unlock the cheevy for all planets cause I didn’t do the three that I completed last night all over again.

Not sure if this would be of help but I spent nearly all day today just go through the locations again but was offline…sytem offline to be precise. I went through all the locations just following the powerpyx. I tried something. In pandora i discovered two locations and quit to the menu. Logged back in and they said entered instead of area discovered. I closed the game out and loaded it back up. They were still marked as discovered. I did all the planets again off line following the guide which just made it so much faster. Upon logging back online after a few minutes the achievement did pop. So hopefully this helps some of you guys. Now if I only can get the 4 rare spawn achievement for the tentacle dlc… i know you have to have some one on your list kill them for the mission to pop but damn…lol…

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