A Hunter, Through and Through broken on Xbox

In Guns, Love, and Tentacles, the missions for the 4 rare spawns are not showing up and many people have said it’s broken on Xbox. I have spent many hours on this dlc trying to finish it all but I can’t get this last achievement because the missions won’t spawn for me. Will there be any fix for this soon?

There’s no public road map for game fixes, unfortunately. Right now the best option is to use the work-around described in the thread for this achievement in the XBox Online Play section. You basically need someone on your friends list to kill the targets in their game so you get the bounties in yours.

The only way to unlock it on XB1 is that you have to be in the lodge DLC area (solo mode) AT THE SAME TIME that your friend kills all 4 spawns in his game. I unlocked it in this way, I hope it helps.

I’m not entirely convinced you need to stay in the Lodge - I’ve travelled there and found a bunch of bounties waiting for me before now. I do know that you have to be on-line though. That said, it helps to be at the Lodge since then it’s easy to confirm that the bounty showed up.