A Hunter, Through and Through. Bugged Achievement Guide

Hi, as some of you have figured out this achievement ‘A hunter, through and through’ is currently slightly bugged/ different requirements on Xbox.
If you want help with this add me on Xbox and send a message. GT: Swan

Otherwise this is the guide for you to do this with a friend or someone from the forum!

On Xbox for the achievement to unlock you have to complete all 4 missions for the rare spawns.
-Fungalfag in Cankerwood (Mission: Kill Fungal Gorger)
-Voltbore in Negul Neshai (Mission: Kill Voltborn)
-Shiverdragon in Negul Neshai (Mission: Kill Shiverous the Unscathed)
-Anmnmnmach? in Cursehaven (Mission: Kill Amach)

The method I use to get these missions to pop takes about 5 minutes and gets you all 4 missions, allowing you to ultimately get this achievement! I’ve done this for over 60 people on the TrueAchievements.com website.

Requires 2 players
Player who wants these missions has to follow and be followed by the other player on xbox

-Player who wants missions loads into lodge and waits.
-Other player goes around and kills each boss
-Missions will pop up on the wall in lodge as each rare spawn boss is killed

TL;DR - I’ll be doing this achievement for people by request whenever I’m online! Just add me on Xbox and send me a message asking about this achievement and I’ll be happy to get you all the missions/achievement. Gamertag is Swan

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There’s a whole bunch of people in this thread trying to get this done, myself included (Alkymist96):

I just ran all four again (NVHM) so I’m hoping someone on that list just got more of the bounty posters showing up (any luck @piratebones2 ?) .

Question: does the person needing the missions have to stay in the lodge, or do they just have to be in an active session with a character who can then go collect the bounties?

Not entirely sure, I have had people get the missions without being in the lodge and some not.
If you’d like I can pop the missions for you myself.


I found your guide helpful, just need a friend who’s killed the bounty targets to get this achievement myself.

Can I give you an add? Would really appreciate the help, this is the last achievement I need.

My GT: Reb0rnpuppet


Me neither! Got them with a couple of friends though, so I’m good.

Also going to note here that the person triggering the posters for others has to do it without interacting with the poster themselves. Which makes me wonder how on earth you start this chain off in the first place?

Feel free to add me too if it helps, GT is Stray2615

Hi just to clarify it doesn’t matter if they have killed the bounty targets already.

What needs to happen is someone kills the bounty targets who is your friend while you are in a game session.
As I said in the post I’m helping anyone who wants it, just add and send me a message.

I’ve tried this multiple times in split screen co-op with my other account and can’t get it to work. Who needs to create the session…the character who needs the achievement or my co-op character? Also, can my achievement-needing character soften up a rare spawn first, then have the co-op character finish him off (co-op character us much weaker, which is why I ask)? Finally, what should my achievement-needing character see in the Lodge when the co-op player gets a rare spawn kill? Is it a mission exclamation point or something else? I see nothing. Thanks for any help!

You can’t get it in co-op, at least on XB1. It has to be someone playing in a separate instance of the game to you while you are both on-line at the same time. And you have to be on each other’s friends list.

When you go up stairs, you should see bounty board posters appear on the walls either side of the staircase (behind and to the side of the DJ). I don’t always see the exclamation mark on the map if I have them for some odd reason.

Well that explains that. Thanks. Assuming separate game instances, does it matter who creates the session and can one player soften up a spawn for the other to kill?

To be clear: lets say your 1° account needs the achievement. You need someone else on your friend’s list to run around and kill all four targets while you are also on-line but not in their game; that gives you the bounties.

I think from that point on, you want to make sure that you accept the bounties in your 1° account game with that character, then go kill the targets. I don’t know if it matters whether it’s your 1° or 2° account that gets the kill, but probably safer if it’s the 1°.

Personally, I would just run them all solo at level 57. Amach is probably the hardest because he has the most adds, and many of them are badass tier or above. So if you’re not sure on your ability to kill them, make sure you disable the Cartels event first! Shiver is a pain to keep track of, but there are some safe areas. Voltron is pretty easy but I recommend equi;;ing a Transformer shield. Fungal is a pushover.

Voltron?? I would’ve remembered seeing a giant 5 part robot! :rofl: :laughing:

Now that’s a great typo!

I blame the small font size on the game’s UI - I can’t read a darn thing!

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Ah…now it all makes sense. Ok…I’ll give it a try but have some leveling work to do first on my #2 Account. Thanks for the responses…really appreciate it.

Pretty sure I called him Voltion for weeks after it came out.

Voltron, Voltion, Volition, … Actually, it would be kind of cool if each time he came back he had a different name - like the snowman boss in Marcus Mercenary Day.

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I would also like some help with this. Whomever wants to add me, my gt is B0FING3R that’s a zero not an o. Thx :grin: