A La Carte Achievement Stuck

So, ive done more than 20 side missions but my achievement is stuck at 95%

Ive seen through TA that people are still getting the achievement so its not completely broken. But Im wondering if anyone here had this issue and was able to fix the problem.

I’ve run into the same problem, haven’t found a fix for it yet.

Have you tried creating another character and doing the side missions?

I just started with that hoping it was a fix. My first character had done some online coop so I was trying to have a pure solo character to see if the coop is what screwed up the achievement.

I haven’t but respond here if that works for you.

It did, i had to get to level 20/chapter 10 in order to pull it off but it did pop for me with a new character.

Also too, this 2nd character played solo only.