A Letter from a Fan and subsequent Letters from Fans

If you don’t like spoilers please don’t read further.

It’s no surprise to me that Ava has left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths. Bad writing of her character throughout the story with no real growth to speak of, along with the rushed “funeral” (if you can even call it that) for Maya has left everyone peeved with no real outlet for their grief over the loss of a beloved character, save to turn it on a girl that was supposed to be a setup for new and beloved character. However, there is a potential solution and there is more DLC for BL3 on it’s way so there’s still time (I’m writing this after Guns, Love, and Tentacles was released so I don’t know if they’ve already implemented this or not).

I think all they need to do is just add one side quest. Or if they’re really adventurous a group of 'em if not a DLC

Where Ava and all, or if not, some of the Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters come back and give Maya a proper burial. They did this for Roland and I think that it would go a long way to fixing some of the issues with Ava. Make it so Ava initiates this quest and have some real adult sounding dialog for her. Showing all of us that, despite the fact we never saw it, she did actually grow and learn from the adventure. Show that’s it’s not actually her running Sanctuary III but everyone in the story running things (i.e. Ellie, Tannis, Hammerlock, Zero, etc.). This is how it’ll stay until she gets some actual experience running and commanding a ship and an army, respectfully.

Have the Vault Hunter help pick out a head stone, an epitaph, and get the guests (potential for Krieg to be reintroduced as newly reformed psycho with some wonderful and tear-jerking dialog opportunities). However, above all Gearbox shouldn’t leave it like it is. It feels incomplete, with no weight and seemingly no growth from Ava. It’s not fair to Maya or Ava to be treated like this, to be left as a footnote in the game or as a poorly implemented and underdeveloped character, respectfully. I want a funeral for Maya a proper one (I understand why we couldn’t have one during the story we were in a war against the Calypsos and time wasn’t on our side, I get that). I also want to love Ava but as she is now … I can’t, and neither can anyone else who plays this game seemingly.

To anyone reading this thank you for your time. I know all of you want to love this game and all of it’s characters, however, as it stands your frustration, anger, and grief won’t let you. Also I know this won’t fix every nitpick/problem with the game, but I know it would go a long way for a lot of people.

Do you think you could post this in an existing thread on the subject?

Read the first line and I had enough.
Tired of this old beaten dead horse.
Ava is not meant to be liked. She’s not Tina.
Just because people have an emotional reaction doesn’t imply bad writing. On the contrary.