A Letter To Iwajira

Dear Iwajira,

Please would you stop dropping me lvl57 items. It is really, really annoying, seeing as I’m lvl60 and you’re lvl61.

Yours Sincerely,


“If you weren’t constantly killing me, maybe I would. Why does nobody ask me for things these days? Nowadays it’s like “AARRGH! A GIANT KRAGGON! KILL IT!”. Do you think I like looking like this? It’s not my fault I scare you meatbags half to death, but you’re the ones trespassing on where I live!”

Love, Iwajira


Reminds me of the ‘Letter to Badass Pyre Tresher’ on the old forums. Me like.

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My money says the big lizard can’t even read, so don’t get your hopes up!


my letter is: To iwajira. Pleases give me loot and i will stop killing you. or else.

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"Dear Iwajira,

I am very sorry to intrude upon your lair, me and my Vault Hunter friends maybe explored a little too much.

Props to you though, you are very difficult to defeat! However, I believe that defeating you is an achievement that requires reward. I mean, nobody wants to work for nothing, right?


PS: Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve just been raiding Marcus’s loot train so much!"

Does not compute.

Does not compute.

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Haha yeah I’ve just realised, sorry guys, bit of an anticlimax there…

Dear Iwajira, please drop me a level 70 shock Hail some day, preferably with matching grip. i don’t even bother about an accessory. it’s not that you haven’t dropped it for me yet, but always a level or two below me :frowning:

also, now that the level cap is increased again, it would be nice if you could redrop the Ol’ Painful!!