A letter to the GB team

Dear Gearbox

This letter is to express some of the feelings about the game and the way things are going right now.

First of all I would like to say that I really love this game, even though is my first borderlands it catched me right away with its mechanics, cool weapons, great characters and the general feeling of trying to fight through tough enemies to get better weapons and gear.

However, as the time passed and the problems and bugs started to show up , wich is understandable in games like this , everything started to feel a little off and then everything just went down the hill.

I get that the point of this game is to farm for better gear and weapons, build the characters the best way we can and be ready for the missions and all the endgame content , but actually you guys took months to fix something that required attention right away.

First of all, the drops were really bad and the timeless hours most people spent to find that perfect weapon , with the perfect anoinment, with the perfect fire rate, with the perfect magazine size , with the perfect zoom, etc , felt worthless and frustrating. Then the first level cap (53) came , so all time invested was for nothing because if you release something like mayhem 4 and the wotan takedown, people have to farm again for that gear before enter the raid to find, at the end of the day, useless weapons that nobody uses like the TK 's wave Jacob’s shotgun , useless anointments like airborne or sliding in weapons like the moonfire or redistributor or even worst, only blue and purple weapons.

You guys took so much time to get wotan’s drops fixed and by the time you did I believe there were already the two dlc on . Now after all of this you release mayhem 10 wich is fine by me , it gives the game a little fresh feeling but the again, multiple bugs, enemies that literally laugh at us when we shooted them and the frustration in front of us leaving a huge percent of weapons behind to be useless and rely the entire game to 10 weapons to do the raid, proving grounds and circle of slaughter. So to me it doesn’t make any sense to only use 10 weapons in a game that claimed to offer a BILLION weapons before its release.

And then again another level cap (57) and once again clear your bank and start all over . The feeling of this is awful and getting repetitive cause sometimes after weeks of farming for a specific weapon and after I finally found it , the new level cap (60) is around the corner . One week ago I was trying to find a recursion SNTL 100 x2 shock and now I just have to wait for the new level cap , clear my bank and start all over again and since this is my first borderlands , I heard from people that BL2 was up until level 71 or something, so that means that farming right now is not gonna be an option knowing that I have to toss all my weapons again because level 63, 66, 69, 72, etc are coming as well. Not to mention that with that new level cap we can say goodbye to the yellowcake, the OPQ and the no pew pew , weapons that really make the difference and that personally I really liked.

Why you even extended the cartel event for two weeks just to make all those beautiful weapons obsolete a week after? Some people were really happy because they were trying to find that OPQ and had more time to do it, but now that effort feels unworthy because of the new level cap.

I think also that’s one of the reasons why some people are using modded weapons to enter the raid and blast everything away with one shot to find weapons and gear they’ve been looking for weeks or months ago and I personally dont like modded weapons, cause to me it takes away the fun of the game to fight through enemies and build up strategies .

So, I believe that you guys need to be in our shoes for a little while and try to offer us better options to not walk away from the game right now. You should level up the weapons as well right now and let us continue farm for the new ones that are coming in the next events and dlc. Also you guys can make a huge difference in the game if you offer the option to add accesorys or mechanics for our weapons paid with the eridium that we never use , like for instance, different kinds of zoom, a certain type of ammunition, increase of magazine size, different types of fire rate, etc. Imagine a Maggie with explosive rounds. It’s just a thought.

Another thing is the shields, grenades and the class modes. We’ve been asking for and improvement of those items for almost over a year.

With that being said, and I know is just me expressing my opinion and options I hope one of you in the GB team read this and at least think about it just for a little bit.

Thank you very much for your hard work and hopefully the next changes and adds to come are for the benefit of the most important thing in the game, the Players.




This has some answers for their plans and some are due to come out soon.