A Lingering Thought of Xylourgos... (minor spoiler)

Something had occurred to me after beating the most recent DLC, so spoiler, somewhat.

We defeat the Vault Monster, Gythian, or what is left of it, I should say, but… where is the vault? Did I miss something? Or was there some reference to it being the vault? I fully expected the twist to be that the creature held the gate to the vault inside of it, but there was none.

Yes, there apparently was a vault.
Of course, the spontaneous outcroppings of raw eridium around the planet show that.

And, when you’re on the Mountain of Madness (true Lovecraft name) Negul Meshai and you enter the Dahl classified Ruins of Yogseer Gaige mentions that it’s rumored that Dahl opened and investigated a vault there.
Of course, the questions abound.
How did Dahl kill the Vault Monster? Did they hire a Vault Hunter? Was Typhon there at some point?
What did they find? We know Atlas got weapons tech from their find, and that’s what (partially) put Tannis and Dahl on Pandora originally (see Tannis logs in BL1). Dahl didn’t find the Pandora vault, but did find the vault of Xyl. But it doesn’t seem to have given Dahl any special new weapons.
Can this vault still be entered? Walking completely around the ruins says “no”, but there may be another way.
Many questions…

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