A list of Pros & Cons based on my playthrough experience

Just gonna leave a list of pros & cons based on my experience with BL3.

*Slide & Mantle
*Arms Race Concept
*Instanced Drops in Multi-player
*Character Customization
*Vehicle Customization
*Planet Atmospheres
*Circle of Slaughter’s new layout
*Proving Grounds concept
*Skill Tree’s flexibility

*Legendaries drop like commons & have no real impact on progression or level scaling
*World, Named Bosses & Main Bosses Loot was underwhelming
*Enemies are too squishy at max Mayhem
*Story was about as good as Sharknado (subjective)
*Side Quests were bland (also subjective)
*Content rewards (CoS, AR, PG, Raids & Takedowns) were extremely underwhelming
*Speedloadn’ Hellwalker was easy mode
*The overly ‘progressive’ tone of the game (subjective)
*No real Grinding or Farming
*No real difference between Normal & TVHM

I know just about everything on here is subjective, so you’re mileage may have varied?

All in all I liked the game and I find myself coming back to it in hopes of finding a challenge. But the underwhelming loot, content rewards & lack of difficulty keeps me away. I LOVE Borderlands Lore and Art style, but I feel this one is a stain on my favorite pair of Pants.


I just play whenever i have nothing better to do…

No need to min/max my gear any further.

And will probably shelve the game again soon… I’m not even playing the current event (legendaries are already easy to find with some exceptions)

You can do endgame with non dlc gear, you can do true takedown using your action skills…

And the vault cards aren’t enough incentive for me to keep playing.


Even at the moment? Or back during the initial release? I don’t know when you got the game, sorry.

Not nitpicking, just trying to get a better feeling for this one.


Okay, sorry I just don’t buy it.

First of all, yes the world drops are meh, especially at higher mayhem. But you do kinda need to have a solid build for m10/m11 which means farming gear and going for dedicated drops. To say enemies are too “squishy” at m10 is also a big red flag. What build were you running that you just bodied them easily without farming? I’d like to see that, because AFAIK you need to farm for top tier gear to just get started on m10/11. It doesn’t even need to be complicated, ReVolter, Pearl, Mesmer, OPQ/Free Radical/Backburner/Plasma Coil/Lightshow and then your characters best standard class mod. All that stuff you need to farm, so what in the HELL are you doing without farming that you kill m10/11 enemies so easily?

Sorry but it just honestly seems like you didn’t really play higher mayhems thoroughly. You have valid points elsewhere, but I just can’t buy this.

Currently playing

I feel like I shouldn’t have to ‘sell’ you my experience, so buy it or not, I’d be happy to live stream a Mayhem 10 or 11 run for you on Twitch.


may you post or build gear and what anoints and procing method you choose

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I’ll do you one better. I’m currently in front of the Xbox right now. How about I get a Twitch stream going and you can take a gander at it?

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no i do need it the guys who do not believe mayhem 11 is easy do :d i have dumpstered this game long ago. i was just curious weather you are on moze or character that uses actual guns

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Right on, I’m loading the game up right now.

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i have 1 question: what character did you play?

Did you not see the screenshots?

edit: my bad, didn’t mean to delete the reply. was going to clarify if the screenshots had posted? the original reply came off kinda dickish.

man im sry i have connection issues, couldnt delete my comment before you replied, lol

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Right on man! I just didn’t want to sound salty towards ya.

no problem brother, just wanted to make sure you have tried fl4k, my favorite character, which you did

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Yeah man! I love Fl4ks abilities and commentary! Just wish there was more incentive to play him more. :frowning:

The Wife and I are currently playing BL2, so if my replies feel short, it’s because there’s no pause. :slight_smile:


this mans rocking gamma burst sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh you go lad


I remember early playthroughs seemed O.K. I was happy to find Epics and the odd legendary. I first came across The Flood. It was good for a few levels. It was also the only legendary I remember getting on my first time through. With the exception of some quest rewards. I think in Eden 6 there was a Jacob’s AR. Fast forward a couple of years, and a couple different attempts at Mayhem, and they were dropping like rain. Lower rarities were pretty much useless. There are the odd exception, like Maddening Cloning Tracker grenade. Moze players will give you their first born for one of these.

Not only were there too many legendaries, there were only a few good ones. Ones that SHOULD be considered legendary. BL 3 completely fails when it comes to the concept of value and rarity. In end game white weapons actually are rare, not legendaries.

And of course the balance is out of whack. Get a Plasma Coil and you can pretty much kill anything. Or just give Moxxie enough money for a crit, which ironically is not legendary, but probably the most OP weapon in the game. I’m not advocating for a nerf, but I’m surprised it hasn’t happened. Anywho, I agree with you assessment.

To me this was the biggest design flaw. I think it was a compromise for people who like the previous challenge of TVHM and UVHM. Frankly they should have just went all in on Mayhem and removed the quasi TVHM.

Personally I would have enjoyed the old TVHM/UVHM model more. Maybe at the end of UVHM, they could have introduced some form of Mayhem. I dunnoh.

At least GBX tried something new. Kudos to them. And I imagine a lot of players like the new Mayhem, and would have been critical of using the TVHM/UVHM transition again.

That’s an insult to the writers of Sharknado. :slight_smile:

I’m not so sure. Technically they are better. I tend to prefer the rougher look and feel of 2/TPS. Not a hill to die on though.


Man, I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for that sound reply! :slight_smile: