A list of Pros & Cons based on my playthrough experience

Man, I’m not quite sure what they’re doing up there.

I mean, Tiny Tina comes out soon and the current state of BL3 is a disappointment. They need to do us right and give us a lil meat on the bone in BL3.

I just hope they don’t pull a Call of Duty and start churning out poop titles every year.

But yeah, never really noticed the texturing on that Arm before.

Good Eye!

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If the below is in BL3, it will top BL2 for me. These are the things i love in BL2 that i did not experience in BL3.

  • Better COOP experience
  • Lags, lags, lags and crash
  • Long Loading time
  • Puny Raid Bosses (Scourge, Anathema and Wotan fight are great but not on a BL2 raid boss level)

I would trade all of the QOL in BL3 just for gbox to fix the above.


And its not just that skin. If you check flak’s other alternative skin and the worst one is Zane’s “assassins one”. Looking at his hand OMG.

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Oh man, that is rough indeed.

And it doesn’t really matter which skin you apply, its the body that has this issue.
I Have filed a support ticket regarding this, and I’m quite puzzled how can no one notice this.

BTW if you check Zane’s other skin thats completley fine, and Moze and Amara’s alternative skins are fine as well.


Have you heard anything back from Gbox?

“Yes”: Thank you for providing this information.

I have submitted like between 10-20 bugs to them. None of them got fixed. Some of those were reported a year ago.
And I even created videos about them, so it’s probably not that situation where they “simply don’t understand what is my issue”

Bugs Bugs Bugs, i’ve got them, you don’t need them! - Borderlands 3 / Borderlands 3 General Discussion - The Official Gearbox Software Forums

Here are most of the issues I’ve reported to them via the official take2 support route.


Now that, is a comprehensive list of bugs that needs squashed.

Keep up the good work man! I’m sorry to see that your observations were in vain.

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And like the ellie garage typo: how hard could be that to fix?
Probably like 5 minutes.

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Yeah, I’m not a fan of this developing practice of bringing out a game, charging an arm & a leg for it, then neglecting the requests of the current player base (of course, you can’t please everyone). All the while, developing another game that’s probably going to be just as buggy and loaded with the same problems as the previous title.

Of course, that’s speculation, but it seems to be the going trend of developers nowadays.

Now, I mean, you get what you paid for. But this is the reason I miss Demo’s. At least you had an idea of how the game felt and if the playstyle was going to be something you’d enjoy.

Call me “old school” but I miss the days of Playstation Underground! :slight_smile:


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Let’s leave all the personal drama for “Real {insert_descriptor_here} of Pandora”, please. You’ll find it on Reddit. Probably.

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I could only like your post once but trust me when I say I clicked it at least 100 times.


As much backlash it is getting over minor things this is why I give kudos to PCF and Outriders. You might not like the game (I do by the way) but at least they let you play a demo to give you an idea of what you are getting before you bought it.


I couldn’t agree more brother!


The story was crap, but I’m glad to see them finally, meaningfully moving towards making Legendaries/uniques the intended endgame tier. The formerly abysmal drop rates of the most fun and interesting items in the game never made them feel special to me, it made them feel like a cruel tease intended to artificially extend the lifespan of the game, beyond what the draw of it’s gunplay was capable of. But hey, at least you can still gimp… ahem, handica… uh, “challenge” yourselves by using late-game weapons (aka generic purples) at endgame, if that’s your thing. Other people can still min-max, and still others can do entire playthroughs just tipping Moxxi for Crits, if that’s what’s fun for them.

That’s what’s truly great in BL3: the variety of playstyles that are viable AND practical. :eagle: :statue_of_liberty: :peace_symbol:

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Not sure I agree with that assessment, but to each their own! :slight_smile: