A little Borderlands DLC or even Prequel Game Idea

For the past couple of weeks I have had this idea that I keep thinking about for Borderlands. That to me seems kind of cool. And today my friend showed me the art book for BL3 that he got that just reinforces this idea.

Either as a DLC or a completely separate Prequel game go back in time to Pandora before the events of the first game. Back to when Pandora was a lush green and water planet. When some or all of the architecture from 1-3 was brand new and untouched by the eventual Bandits and creatures that followed in the events of 1-3. In the dust ball of a planet we see huge skeletons of the creatures that once existed, and presumably under water. And as the DLC or Prequel plays out we see the planet transition from this lush green planet to the dust ball we now know as Pandora. With PreSequel they took us to the moon. In this they could take us under water.

I just think it would be fun to see Pandora before it dried up and became a desert planet.

I have a topic under Spoilers that may reveal some potential for something like this.

Nyriad told us what’s next. (minor spoilers)

Besides that, I had an idea for a prequel game where you play as mercenary vault hunters working for the original Atlas before Borderlands one. The siren class could be Commandant Steele.

This would be very interesting! I had a similar idea About a Pandora with Oceans and the Living big creatures when i played the General knoxx add-on. :slight_smile: and here is another idea that would fit very well in your idea i think: Ideas for tediores appereance in future dlc´s or sequels

I posted a few times on there, but I think the potential for a few glimpses into Pandora’s past is interesting. Getting to witness the Eridian civilization, and its demise, would be cool.