A Little Disappointed in the Customization Options

So…yeah, as the title says, a little disappointed. The majority of the skins are for each and every character. Did they just get lazy in this game in that regard, or are they just running out of ideas?

Even some of the heads are the same for each character. I would have been happier with fewer skins and heads if It meant everyone got unique options.

Most of the skins in BL2 were the same across characters. I mind it less in BL3 since we can customize the colours.

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Some of them yes, the generic ones that we first get and the manufacturer skins, though those ones were mostly just colors. The ones that dropped from enemies though were unique, with designs that felt fitting to the character they belonged to.

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Nope. Even the dropped skins and the skins for various challenges in the base game were pretty much the same for each character. Things get a bit more varied with the DLC.

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What the bleep are you talking borderlands had various sick heads from the vanila game on but the farm for it was rather a hard one maybe you just casual player but i farmed hundrets of ours for various customs

I’m talking about skins, not heads. Hence why I said skins, not heads.

Skins where pretty basic imo.
Honestly thats sad and should change i would even be fine with a patato costume

The skins were better than BL2’s because some have animation. I’d say that BL3’s head customization is worse since there are less options that I liked (Space Knight was awesome). There are some good ones, but I felt that BL2 had better references. Also, several BL3 heads are shared between the characters. That was kind of lazy.

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Pretty much on all the characters I’ve found one or two heads/skins I really liked, which isnt that all you need?

This is overall an upgrade on the customization and I dont think I’ve crossed anyone who looks like me in public lobbies and thats the main goal right?

Would I like to see more, yes, am I happy with the current amount? Also yes.

In BL2 there were 5 or 6 heads and more on the skins on each character that I really liked. Well, at least for Amara and Zane, Fl4k and Moze both have a few more decent looking heads that I liked.