A Little Experiment In Feedback

Hey all!

I wanted to try something out, mostly because it’s the sort of thing I would be happy to read, and it might help all of is organize our thoughts better.

If interested, I want you guys to give one specific, actionable suggestion of something you think should be changed in a set of categories I’m going to provide. This should be the thing that is absolutely, most important to you, the thing that would significantly improve your experience in the game.

Yes, I know there are plenty of things to discuss, but I want us all to try to pick one per category.

The point of this thread isn’t to criticize other people’s priorities, but to state them clearly and concisely. I’ll provide mine as an example.


1. The inclusion of the cash shop.

I think that the cash shop should be limited to cosmetic items only. Boosters and loot packs should never find their way inside of it.

2. Progression

I really like the idea of levels of progression beyond CR 100 and CL 15. There doesn’t seem to be any reason we shouldn’t be able to earn “prestige” levels or something similar.

3. Balance

I think Alani might still be a little too strong, mostly due to survivability. It’s just really hard to kill her, even when you catch her by surprise. If the game data says I’m right, maybe look into it

4. Matchmaking

It might be time to try a “Quick Match” option. Especially for platforms where the populations are low (PC), this might provide people who just want to play the game with a chance to do so. Even more interestingly, it might provide people with an incentive to try new maps.

5. Community Communication

Someone brought up having a “priorities” list to go alongside the Battleplan, basically you would give a broad sketch of the sorts of things you’re looking into or working on without firm dates for completion, I think this is a solid plan and could really help. It would be really neat to know what you guys are thinking week-to-week and might help to put the communities mind at ease.

6. Skins

I think you should be able to buy cash shop skins for in-game currency, even if the currency amount is extremely high. It gives people something to grind for, without removing the incentive to buy.


No really suggestions. Someone did bring up the fact that consecutive games should increase your chance of legendary drops. This seemed like a cool idea to me, so I’ll just bump it here.


I’ve always liked the idea of “gear sets”, items that when combined have bonus effects. I know this is a balance nightmare, but the collector in me thinks this would be really neat.

If anyone has additionally categories, could you let me know in PMs. If at all possible, I want to keep this thread as clean as possible.

Thanks so much for indulging me.

-Progression.- I feel most of the things argued about on this site belong to the artists and their interpretation of what is best for their environment.

With that said,
The lack of a prestige system or something beyond CR 100 is detrimental to the game. Players like to be rewarded for their time. It’s really a trivial number but could generate some feeling of accomplishment for the time put into the game.

It could also calm the people who are mad at rng gods if there is a prestige system similar to battleborn tap. Guaranteed loot.

There are individual threads and/or separate forums for most of these categories. Just add your suggestion to those.

I kind of liked having been offered the choice of only picking one.
Makes you think about your priorities and what you want in a game.

Oops I misread the OP. I thought the question was pick one category and explain.

PVE: offline play

Example: Co-op without requiring Steam to be online.


  • Improve leveling up heroes (that aren’t HR15) after you’ve reach CR 100.


  • Rework Whiskey Foxtrot so his gameplay become more comfortable and there’s no contradiction between his gameplay/learning curve and his “Easy” label. I don’t mean buff him, just QoL improvement.


  • More interesting recolors. They are easy to develop but may nicely alter character’s appearance. Sadly, current recolors are very boring with only a few looking nice.


  • I want to see more raid-style missions, not defend or escort.


  • More loadouts or an ability to use heroes-specific legendaries regardless of chosen loadout (so you can activate a legendary but still are limited to 3 active gears per match).

And I wish to add another cathegory:
User interface

  • I want to have an option to switch skills buttons and/or basic attacks buttons for selected heroes. Via, like, checkboxes in every hero’s page in Command.