A Little Face-Off Note Ahead of the Winter Update

Hey everyone,

As you can imagine, Gearbox is a flurry of activity ahead of Thursday’s big releases. Winter Update patch notes have been posted, but there was one more small thing we wanted to make sure you were aware of.

As we’re getting things all set up for the update on Thursday, we’ll be removing Face-Off from the Quick Match queue temporarily on Wednesday, and then returning it on Thursday. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience, but we do hope you’ll enjoy a full day with your face fully intact.


face off doesn’t have it’s own queue (on ps4 at least). do you mean to say it will be removed from quick match, or am i misunderstanding?

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No, it’s definitely not present or anything like that…

Can you clarify? Face Off doesn’t have a dedicated queue, hasn’t for a while for some reason. Are you saying it’ll be removed from Quick Match or that Quick Match will be removed or something else to that effect?

@Nemosis327 @j_kay_13 Face off will be removed from quick match as it doesn’t have its own que, and will return Thursday. If I’m wrong then were all clue less on what Joe is saying.

I’m going to take the Face-Off queue…



Wait, Face-Off queue? What Face-Off queue? No more drugs for that man!


Pretty sure he means that they are replacing face off for chaos rumble temporarily. Since face off is the least popular choice. So in chaos rumble you’ll have incursion, capture, and meltdown…finale :disappointed:

Actually, have we ever had Face Off and Chaos Rumble at the same time? I honestly can’t remember it ever happening, but it must have right? Kid Ultra came out after Face Off…

Hey guys, sorry for being unclear above. Yes, Face-Off will be removed from the Quick Match queue and returned on Thursday.

I’ve edited my post above for clarity. Thanks!


I’m actually super excited about the performance improvements. I really hope they’ll fix some of the problems I’ve been having. Kind of sick of constantly dropping to 1-20 frames :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, can ya’ll remove capture too while you’re at it :joy:

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Face Off had its own queue for a week while Chaos Rumble was active