A little gear bug (same stats, different cost)

Just wanted to show you. Maybe it’s not even a bug, but a prefix that lowers gear cost?

Same item: Cost: 924 and Cost: 630.

Anyone got more items like this?

wow that really is interesting. I’ve not seen that before. Same item with same bonuses but different percentage yes but not like this.

All I can see :

It’s still weird but I’m more concerned with the common gears that cost 0…

They are meant to. If they have negative attributes their cost is 0. They only have one positive stat so I think that’s fair.

Though the cost of higher rarity gear is pretty significant, especially with legendary gear with varying stats.

Having an item that decrease my healing power isn’t really a good counterpart to get a huge bonus for free.
I recently got a +shard -healing power and i’m laughing at this balance.

True, some items seem a little too good, maybe the negatives could be a little harsher or matter more.
Or maybe the positives could be weaker. (Is the common gear max stat the same as epic gear?)

But honestly I don’t think gear pieces are game changers (not counting some select few legendary gear, some have pretty good effects!) but I still don’t feel like I’m at a disadvantage against someone who has better gear than me. They are nice bonuses, but good gear can’t replace skill.

I’ve an epic one increasing the reload speed and increasing the reload speed on a completed reload.
It’s so amazing o_o

They can be great, some characters gain more from the bonuses than others (Benedict and reload gear, anyone?) but you can still learn to manage without certain gear!

To be honest, I think Gearbox have gotten the loot a bit backwards.

As a player I’m actually looking for whites with good bonuses due to the whole 0 shard activation cost, if they have a negative. But it’s done in such a way that the negatives may not even affect you at all (like recoil reduction on a melee character) so you’ve got a free bonus right off the bat.

Legendary gear can be game-changing but 1800 shards is steep and takes a while to come into play.

They are not the same, second one has a negative stat as well. That’s a translation issue, switch to English and you’ll see the difference.