A little insight from a former fan of your game. (goodbye)

To be honest, at one point in time battleborn was my favorite game ever… which is a lot to be said considering ive played many video games throughout my life.

But now I will be leaving the game , maybe return sometime if/when things get fixed but atm the game is unplayable for many reasons.

This isnt a bash thread, i only wish to give you insight on why I feel like the player base has gone down so much.

  • Matchmaking still is very bad IMO, pugs constantly getting teamed up against 5 man premade all level 100s. These games often have quitters or afkers because the beatings are too brutal.

  • The lag ruins the fun. I have the best internet connection available, i never have any issues in other pc games, but battleborn i am constantly getting stuck on invisible walls, constantly shooting/meleeing people in the FACE and somehow they take no damage.

  • 2 months have gone by with many of the characters having broken helixes but no fix yet. (ghalt is a total mess atm his accuracy is very strange and people can sometimes just walk through his traps and slap his hooks out of their face somehow)

  • 2 months in and no report cheater function (its coming we promise, how long have i heard that for)

  • some1 leaves the game and its 4v5, no bots to fill in the position, no players to fill in the position… pretty much ends in a surrender once some1 leaves.

  • Forced to play incursion (which i dont like) , because its impossible to find meltdown or capture games, i tried sitting in q for 20 minutes and it didnt even find a single player (for meltdown) And even plying incursion it still takes 5-10 minutes to find game, which is usually 5 pugs vs 5 premades… which will 99% result in a brutal beatdown of the pugs.

  • Pvp players r forced to do PvE to acquire legendaries and pve players r forced to do pvp to complete lore…

you are scaring away all the casual players, when some1 tries to make a topic about a bug or something wrong in the game a moderator closes the topic.

good luck. battleborn will always have a place in my heart, what an amazing idea and concept for a game, horrible execution though, IMO.

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Bye Felicia.

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forgot to mention, the toxic community (as seen here) isnt helping that much either.


enjoy those 20 minutes q times felicia.

im on xbox one and 0 que time. also play with a 100 mbps connection.
nice try though.

Be constructive. Snark and sarcasm isnt constructive.

Toxic community here!? That’s hysterically funny. Thanks for the laugh, you made my day.

Edit: no snark here at all. That legitimately put a smile on my face.


the fact that this game is 2 months old and borderlands 2 ( 5 years old) has more than 10 times as many players tells you something doesnt it?

being a fanboy of the game isnt gonna get this game anywhere.

this game is practically brand new and on the verge of death, but people think thats fine? people think nothing has to change? well ok then… thats toxic IMO… theres no self-preservation here at all it seems like, just lay down and rot i suppose?

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I disagree with your specific point of unbalanced, the current range system is matching acceptably most of the time. Just takes forever and you can only play incursion.

I too am tired of playing incursion, especially when there is such an easy fix available to the problem. Also FYI que times are faster if you make a 5 man premade, you don’t have the initial 5 man match to wait for, plus you get first dibs on the first 5 man enemy team while you’re still waiting for your team to assemble.

They can still be terrible though.

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i don’t care about totally players. Never have and never will. i already have plenty of normals that have mics. I only care my personal experience playing the game. If i believed all the hype about overwatch i would have thrown it away by now and never have picked up this game by seeing rubish 6 or 7 out of 10 for reviews.
Also if you think its easy for them to address all the issues please fill out a job application and give them a hand.

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I’m only seeing people comparing a sequel (Borderlands 2) that has a fan base from a previous game (Borderlands) with a new IP (Battleborn), so if you want to compare this game with another gearbox game make sure you do it with new IPs of the company on their time.


On the shore waving…Bon Voyage.


Closed, as this thread is going nowhere good.

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