A little praise for Gearbox

In my time here the posts are too often negative, even some of mine.
But I want to step up and thank all of the fine folk at Gearbox that are truly doing a great job. I like this whole series.
I love playing all the games and their add-ons.
I’m not critical of the story, or the characters and in fact I’m sort of oblivious to it. There is so much richness in the gameplay, the places I can go, the things to discover, like the roller coaster. I take my time, not trying to rush through to the end. So Gearbox, thank you.
I’m much older than most players, so much so that waiting another 7 years may be too long for me.
So if you can make another Borderlands game, count me and my money in. I’ll be there at the store waiting for the witching hour like last time, even if with a walker or wheel chair.