A little torn (a tale of roller coaster emotions)

First of all, the update took almost 22 hours download, so THAT sucked.
But then, I found out that the daily and main challenges were progressing, so i was able to compete about 7 of those.
Then, after missing my chances (picking Kelvin vs. Ambra, Galilea vs. OM, then switching off Whiskey JUST before fighting OM), I finally got Galilea vs. Ambra and was chomping at the bit to inish Gal’s lore.
Within the first 3 minutes of a meltdown match, I had 2 kills and 2 assists vs. Ambra. Getting excited about FINALLY completing this challenge.
For the rest of the match, I SWEAR the Ambra bot was hiding from me. I went back and forth between lanes, watching my radar for her and watching the “respawn queue” to see if someone else had killed her.
I didn’t see her dead for the whole match and only saw her as our ultra minion scored running around a corner away from me.

Not happy.

Next time, Ambra: you are MINE!


This is not what I thought this would be about
Good luck in your future lore hunting


Natalie Imbruglia would be proud

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Well, I AM cold and I AM shamed…
…I won’t finish that line.


Got the b*tch.
Now just have to finish off Alani’s version of it.

For revenge, the CPU didn’t give me a SINGLE match in 3 hours where I fought Oscar Mike (going for Whiskey’s lore).

The VERY next match, after picking another character, the CPU pots TWO Mikes on the opposing team.


Lucked out and for him the match after. But this game mode is definitely trolling me.