A loot searching system?

sry, that actually sounds more like a…i dont know but i just did slaughter star with some friend and actually thats so much stuff, especially when you are also loking for purple stuff, that you dont even know where to start xD

what if we had a loot searching filter system where we can type in the items that we are looking for, starting with more general infos, f.e.: “frontloader” and being able to go more specific: “front loader, capacity, recharge delay, recharge rate, health booster” or: “epic grenade”, “epic grenade, tracking, mirv, bouncing, dividing”
and if the item matches any of those options, it will appear on the map in a new color
(red would be very visible)
that would make it more easy to go through all that loot and actually increase the time that we are having fun (cant believe, i would ever write something like that but looking through a pile of orange and purple items is really not fun, lol)

u think that would be a realistic thing to happen?