A lot of features needed

First of all,

Here’s a couple stuff that gearbox need to achieve.

• We need to have gear possibility to save gear loadout. In mayhem 3 with those crazy modifiers that makes no sense you always need to switch your gear. Why not having gears loadout this is totally needed.

• The only things left to do when you’re in the end game is farming boss. Can you just put a icon or something where the boss are in the map or something as soon as you fight it once in the story?

• You need to tone down those crazy npc that are lauching rockets every second this is totally ridiculous when you have more than 1 in the same area this is impossible to see something on screen with those crazy vfx everywhere.

• Can we just have the possibility to buy ammo box that you can keep in your inventory instead of always going to this machine. When you maxed out every single ammo type capacity for each gun and bank and lost loot the money you get is totally only to buy ammo and just costing you more money when you died that’s it.

• And in general loot of bosses is horrible and people are farming them. So why did you put a timer on it you all know that people are quitting game and start a new one to play that boss again.

• Damage numbers, i just saw a shield item that when its broken it’s doing 23 406 damage. But really how can you know what this damage number is doing when you don’t have a clue of how much health, shield and amor npc have! Can you put a number in the npc bar or something??

That’s it for now!

What do think people?