A lot of frame drops

For some reason im having an issue that make the game unplayable everything i make, movement, a loot of mobs an shooting make the game drops frames like crazy please i dont know whats happening but hope you guys fix those problems. I have two characters and in both of them im having the same problem.

If someone is having the same issue feel free to comment here.

Original XB1 or one of the 4K models? While playing solo or co-op? If the latter, local split-screen or on-line?

Original xbox, solo.

I reset the xbox and resolved the issue, if something more happen i let you know. Its not the first time that i had this problem but was my first time playing like that for days.

Haven’t had that happen, but I do shut down the XB1 after every session rather than just sleeping it. If you’re in the habit of just sleeping the game (stand-by mode) you might want to mix that up a bit, at least for this game - it’s very graphic/resource intensive, so it wouldn’t surprise me if things like disk and memory caches needed clearing periodically.

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