A love letter to all Melee BattleBorn -UPDATED AND COMPLETE-

Hey guys! I might be late to the party, or the threads have already come and gone, but I just don’t see anywhere to really dig into the joys and general awesomeness of our current 26 cast of BattleBorn! Yada-yada :stuck_out_tongue: get with the times old me! We’re at 30 now, Baby! :fireworks:

UPDATE: With @Ganjamira 's blessing, I’ve decided to touch up on a dinosaur of a thread (which holds a tender spot in my heart for being my first* post) in relation to the growth of the game and to provide the mighty Pendlessss his proper place! As well as add a few more honorable mentions (how did I forget Ambra orignally! * despair *)

*first official post, for anyone keeping track… * shifts eyes around the room *


(*In no particular order) Here’s why:

In bullet points for brevity. More than happy to indulge deeper on request!


Why he’s Awesome:

  1. He’s basically a Vampire (Don’t tell him, I said that!)

  2. He’s a smarmy little ■■■■ (All in love, but seriously his dialogue is the best)

  3. He has three (THREE!)[color=red] energy space swords! /color

Why you should play him:

  1. Rath can knock you up, Slice and Dice you mid-air, then Slap Chop you as you land!

  2. Duel-wield fantasy!(If you like swords, he’s your man!)

  3. Super fast, and can double jump (Only ‘melee’ BB that does so!)


Why he’s awesome:

  1. A luchador in space?! A space Lucha Libre?! Yes, please!(Latino representation hoo-rah!)

  2. He’s certifiably insane! ( His dialogue is a blast)

  3. Has Enormous cyborg arms (Courtesy of our Skynet Overlord ISIC : D )

Why you should play him:

  1. He… attacks people by running, and diving-head first with his bare flesh! (CRAZY!)

  2. THE CLAP (Death, and Applause all in one!) :clap:

  3. En Fuego! Bring the ring, and all it entails into BattleBorn! (1-2-3, You’re OUT!)


Why she’s awesome:

  1. Beauty and Elegance (High Society has never looked so good!) :sparkling_heart:

  2. Crazy Ex-girlfriend vibe (Super Bi-Polar! “Run away from the lil’ mon’ster!”)

  3. Space Rapiers! (Swords and Science married in perfect harmony!)

Why you should play her:

  1. Teleports, and Rapier Barrages!! (Awesome Sci-fi Goodness!)

  2. True Strike! (Turning death, into a musical symphony!)

  3. UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS!!! (“I am the bone of my sword!” The hype is real!)


Why he’s awesome:

  1. Thrall Leader (Only BB in the game, that is also an enemy varient!)

  2. Posh, and polite (Despite his appearance, he’s quite the gentleman!)

  3. The one Fist, to rule them all! (Bears the Ultimate Arm! Shoots off electricity too!)

Why you should play him:

  1. He can Dunk, and spread lightning! ( Fan-Theory: Attikus is Supreme Leader Snoak)

  2. The Falcon Punch! (Landing a fully-charged Jab is so fulfilling!)

  3. He’s a RAID BOSS! (Puts his peers Grall, Hylis, and Nix to shame!)


Why he’s awesome:

  1. Gorgeous visual design (Best recolors hands-down!)

  2. Morgan Freeman incarnate! (You can listen to him all day)

  3. Iceman cometh (The magic of ice personified!)

Why you should play him:

  1. Stuns and stacking! (Fritter around as an ice fairy while you stack endless health!)

  2. Permafrost! (Only Eldrid with an innate shield!)

  3. Ice Trolololo ( Troll your enemies or friends with your Ice Wall)


Why he’s awesome:

  1. Has a parasitical tree stump growing on his back! (Zero ■■■■■ given!)

  2. Infectious personality! (Boldur is the epitome of chill!)

  3. Lost your axe? PUNCH EM! (Armed, unarmed, Boldur doesn’t worry!)

Why you should play him:

  1. Pitch, and Pinballs! ( Chuck Axes and zig-zag across the map!)

  2. Death? HaHaHaHa (With Boldur’s passive/shield and stature, death will rarely claim you!)

  3. Runes, Runes, Runes! (Boldur’s Ultimate, can be on permanently, changing how you play)


Why she’s awesome:

  1. The perfect Agent…Double Agent…Triple Agent?! (Move Over Bond!)

  2. Professional, yet dorky! ( Her dialogue’s are fun! “We get it first, you dib”)

  3. She’s got a lot of “fans!” (Literally. A fan favorite, and uses freakin’ fans to kill people!)

Why you should play her:

  1. Double the Trouble! (Twice the Deande goodness! Be at two places at once!!)

  2. Behold the flying DiveKick! (Bask in the mystical art of the aerial projectile kick! Soar!!!)

  3. Calculated, BlinkStorm! (Try Calculated Risk ASAP, and BS is flashy anime goodness!)


Why they’re awesome:

  1. Rock out with your Djinn out! (Shayne & Aurox are the only power duo in the game!)

  2. Opposites Attract! (Shayne is an ADHD bundle of anarchy, while Aurox has no chill!)

  3. The ol’ one two combo (Aurox swings in tandem with Shayne, doubling their impact!)

Why you should play them:

  1. Fetch boy! (Aurox can Pull enemies to you! No other melee does this!)

  2. Skip through the apocalypse! (They laugh off danger with their stealth and resistances!)

  3. Tag Team! (Dunk Aurox on some dudes, while you go fool off somewhere else! :smile:)


Why she’s awesome:

  1. The Sword and Shield Fantasy in Space (Warhammer Space Marine? Better!)

  2. So edgy, she can slice a stone in two! (The angst she exudes is super cringe! :smiling_imp:)

  3. Exudes, Awesome. Literally. (Even idly existing, Galilea is being productive!)

Why you should play her:

  1. Swiss Army Pool (A few of Desecrate’s talents: Pull,Silence,Wound,Amp, I can go on:scream:)

  2. I’ve seen…things (With her shield, & Ult., She alludes death, spreading her angst!)

  3. LASER BEAMS!!! (She can be as angsty as she wants! SHE SHOOTS LAZER BEAMS! :two_hearts:)


Why he’s awesome:

  1. Ssweet Ssneakss, Ssnake! (He keeps up appearances & completes his contracts in style)

  2. The Ssaucy Aussie (He brings some of that down under charm! Blast to listen to!)

  3. Reusse/reduce & discountss (With his Kama’s he takes any contracts! Gives discounts!)

Why you should play him:

  1. Rattle, the Prattle (Strike fear into your enemies, by veiling your intent through stealth!)

  2. Metal Gear Ssolid! (Bust the buildables! Pendles doesn’t conform to the meta! Be free!)

  3. Way of the Ninja (Back stabs, shurikens, and Smoke Bombs! Be the best ninja ever! :skull_crossbones:)

Honorable Mentions


  1. From Rath, with love (Caldy, has an Elbow blade capable of wounding enemies!)

  2. Mecha Mobility Madness (His thrusters allow him to zig-zag around and smack people!)


  1. BBQ anyone? (With max heat, Ambra can dish some wicked damage out with her melee!)

  2. Taking Theodore for a walk (She skirts a fine, almost melee, line with her lock-on tether)

  3. Solus revolves around ME! (Smacking dudes with your melee, lowers her Sunspots!)




Thanks for dropping by and taking a look guys!

I kept the descriptions short and sweet, and tried to avoid getting into anything too particular (so balance doesn’t outdate any info like the last version)

So who’s your favorite melee? What would you add to entice others to share your love? Share your thoughts!



It makes me so happy to see someone as fond of melee as I am. Awesome list here, dude!

Great post!

I will say I’ve seen a few people comment in other threads about how melee characters have pretty much taken over Battleborn (which is weird since I’ve always seen the devs refer to the game as a “hero shooter”). But yes there are some great options available if you’re looking to melee. :smiley:

That was awesome!

I am a Master of Boldur, and working for Rath now. Also enjoy Attikus, Deande, and Kelvin!

I main Attikus, mastered him, and prefer melee for the simple reason that I don’t see too well. If an enemy is near me, fantastic, imma hit 'em.

No matter how good melee characters are or how much I love playing them in MMOs, first person view ruins it all for me.

I like this and I like Kelvin

[quote=“ckgz800873, post:1, topic:1526531”]Caldarius
His Secondary […] does a lot more than his TMP within the same time period.[/quote]
Are you sure about this? I’ve nearly got my master of Caldy and regularly engage mobs hand-to-hand. Only to make sure once more, sadly, I kill them faster with my gun. Especially after I learned about his 39 rounds glitch/feature.

I agree with all of this. I run some melee character 90% of the time. Love all of them, even if I can’t really run El Dragon well on PvP yet. lol

This post has made me realise a few things.

1.) Every point mentioned is correct. I will not believe anyone that says otherwise.

2.) We need 1 more melee so this lover letter can be expanded and so there can be the dream match of 5v5 all unique melee extravaganza!

C.) It is now my mission in life to learn to love all of these characters as much as this post.

Fourth.) We really need 1 more fun melee.

If you have Microfusion Cell and Rangefinder, then yeah, you’re gonna rock as a gunner. With Zealous Frenzy and Adaptive Harmonics, plus some AS/AD gear, he can be pretty strong with his melee as well. It’s especially nice that you can have both those augs plus Rangefinder. IMO that makes him a true mid/CQ specialist, dangerous in both.

Vyn’s Quiver, AS and AD with Cal = :heart_eyes:

I am sure. Well was sure… You reminded me…

Bear in mind @Maskerader that one of the rare elusive “buffs” that GBX has actually released was for Caldarius ( This was early on in the games release, before many people got a handle on him) They buffed his TMP damage, without factoring or compensating (Possible scenario is those that designed him weren’t the ones that did the hotfix buff) their design philosophy or kit.

Playing him vanilla as he is now, his tmp can do more. Sad days :sob:

BUT ya don’t gat ta RELOAD yo SWORD! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like you, and I like Kelvin (If I’m being fair and honest, slight… ‘cough’ huge ‘cough’ edge to Kelvin)


Well have you given a gander to Inner mouth view?

Kelvin will blow your mind! >.<

That there is a rock solid philosophy… Very little can go wrong with that!*

Where do you take your Attikus expertise? PVE? PVP? 2 of the maps? all of the maps?

*(A LOT can go wrong with that, so much wrong, shhh)

Yet! Nice, shows confidence you’ll get it down!

If you’re interested in growing @sbspalding a fellow community member has been putting together a Battle School. I’m sure you’ll be able to master El Dragón sooner rather then later!


You’re awesome! Thank you for your time!

What drew you to Boldur first? Was it the experiment? It was wasn’t it!

Good luck with Rath, Attikus, Deande and Kelvin (his Sublimate lore is a paiiiiiiin!) I’ll happily share any tips, tricks advice you need and not just vague bullet points!


Really? I can only say they have great taste! That, or trying to become a twitch shooter is better left for the mouse and keyboard warriors!

Your post can not be refuted. I will have to accept your four points as scripture here on out.

1.) Agreed, even if I go and edit every word to be about Scooby Doo, it will always be correct.

2.) F ya! GBX better get on it! so the OT can get off his ass and spend more hours (this took sooo long…) on this post

C.) (C? wtf is this you Scooter?! You didn’t DIE!?) If this is so, then this post has succeeded. I am content!

Fourth.) (This is Scooter! Has to be) Agreed. Who knows, maybe Pendles will be melee, or a compromise hybrid type like Deande and Shayne! I’ll take either!

[quote=“ckgz800873, post:14, topic:1526531”]Well have you given a gander to Inner mouth view?

Kelvin will blow your mind! >.<[/quote]
He didn’t, unfortunately) I’ve tried them all. All those weapons and body parts swinging disorderly from side to side distract me and I feel disconnected with what’s going on. Did I hit? Who do I hit? With what? How hard it was? And so on…

Phoebe though stands out of them with her neat attacks right to the center of the screen. And Deande is fun and has a nice versatility with her fan throws. I’ll try them more thoroughly, but still it doesn’t look like I’d be used to first-person meleeing. Third person view is all I need to love them good! :smiley: