A love letter to Battleborn fans

I just want to say that I love all the Skills Moze has that function very closely to both Oscar Mike and Montana from Battleborn. First the skill that Makes Moze to more damage the emptier her current Mag is. This is really similar to Oscar Mikes UPR Assault rifle. The second half to Mikes assault rifle did more damage. This can also be tracked back to BL2 with Gaige having “The Better Half” Skill which buffs rate of fire for the second half of here mag.
Next up we have all here Mini Gun Augments. Every single one reads like a different version of Montana’s Mini-Gun. She has a Cryo bullets which is just like Hailstorm, and augment that makes here Mini-Guns do more damage with more heat which is a baseline passive for Montana. I feel like the team really benefited from making Battleborn before BL3 and I can’t wait to see what other cool stuff comes up.


I wish that more of the Gearbox staff talked about the lessons they learned from Battleborn and what they took into the development of Borderlands 3. I absolutely get the vibe that Gearbox took a lot of variety from Battleborn and used that experience on the augment system that we’ll get to play in Borderlands 3.


Her action skill is very visually reminiscent of ISIC’s ult too. And you can bolt on Toby’s rail gun for kicks.

You bet they took inspirations from Battleborn. It wouldn’t be surprising if we see more of it in BL3. They even had made a reference to El Dragon in the Moze Demo. A unique enemy NPC goliath she fights is called El Dragon Jr. It wouldn’t surprsing if we went to a Battleborn looking location either. With the vaults, anything is possible. They might even transport us to alternate realities if Battleborn doesn’t take place in Borderlands far off future. I even believe in the theory that the eridians and the varelsi might be somehow related to one another. They’re mysterious species that leave you with more questions then the answers you find with them.