A Lucian's call drop wish

Am I the only one who found ALL legendaries weapon type variations in last 2 weeks except for a lucian’s call ? For some reason this weapon become super rare on my graveward drop, I mean 0 drops in last 2 weeks and I killed him like 100 times daily runs.

I found four of them in Badass slaughter dome, you may try it. If you are playing on xbox I can give you one. Taxes free:)

I have all elemental types already just looking for better stats and anointed atm, and I would like to grind them myself, in slaughter mode I found legendaries indeed maybe a lucian’s call to but I dont recall, I am wondering about the bosses drop rates atm, something might be fked after this events drop rates and something didnt revert back properly to pre event boss drop rate, I am wondering if ppl noticed anything different… so far the only confirmed boss drop bug was agonizer 9000 but that was fixed and confirmed by gearbox devs in latest updates… I am wondering if other bosses are not affected also.