A mechanism within the game to reroll annointments would be nice, wouldn't it?

I wonder how many annointments are out there for guns, armor and grenades…
Its getting harder and harder to get an specific annointment for the right gear you want, there are so many right now, and i bet there is many more to come.

I wish there was a mechanism like, a machine or npc in game that would allow us to reroll annointments of gear, something like, at the cost of 100 Eridium or 1m cash you get a new random annointment.


There is another push to remove anoints from guns and put them on trinkets to effect the slot instead.

The more anointments they put out the worse a reroll option would be IMHO as you would keep having to hope RNG is going to favor you THIS time. I am NOT friends with RNGesus, he just doesnt like me.

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The trinket ideia is not all bad, but it cant be done, since it would change a lot of the mechanism we already have.

Maybe a mechanism similar to guardian rank tokens, where we could to choose 1 of 2 or 3 choices of annointments on a reroll.

Or maybe put a specific price to get an specific annointment, like 300% dmg against enemies above 90%hp, could cost like 10k eridium, old annointments could cost a little less like 1k/5k eridium.

It would be nice to have where to spent those extra Eridium.

Easily my most desired feature, and it seems to be a landslide in favor of it on the forums based on:

Something tells me that this anointment issue is something they are not going to budge on no matter how overwhelming the requests get, and I think it is the wrong move. I hope I am wrong though. But given the fact that it is easily one of the most requested features - if not THE most requested feature - and they have yet to do anything about or even acknowledge it, I’m thinking they do not want to change the extremely high RNG involved with the loot system.