A message from a Reyna player

Hello, I play a lot of Reyna. She’s super fun and I love her play style but there is a glaring problem. Other players not being the smartest sometimes. I’m not saying you’re not smart but if you do any of the things I’m about to mention please rethink your decisions and help a Reyna.

  1. For the love of everything you believe in don’t leave a Reyna alone even if you’re sure she’s got it. She can’t push lanes without using a pretty important ability that helps you get kills so that you can win the video game. Too many times has a player left me in the heat of battle and because I can’t overshield nothing I die, the overshield is important it allows you and the Reyna to maybe live another fight.

  2. You can shoot out of her ult. As long as you are an ally you can shoot out of her ult, so hide inside of it if you’re low on health. Most good Reyna players will throw the ult down on key points in the battle where her team is mostly located to shield them from the life taking bullets, that shield however does not work if you run outside of it.

  3. Do not run from the Reyna, for she brings life and hope. If you notice an ally Reyna running at you while your being chased do not think she is here to be the clean up crew for the Reyna doesn’t do a lot of damage (at least I don’t, I focus on overshields in my helix). All you need to do is stay there so the Reyna can overshield you and you may continue the murder or running away and living and not dying.

  4. Do not huddle around the Reyna. Yes she helps you live but she’s also there to make sure the enemy doesn’t have a shield, including that pesky Ambra’s overshield. Her alternate is not toby’s railgun, it does not go through people and walls so much like you would do with a Marquis do not block her shots. The Reyna is fine if you get the kill after all she is a support, but if you block the shots and then complain that the Reyna did nothing to help well perhaps you should think of what you did first.

  5. If the Reyna is running towards you with a Rath or Shayne chasing her, help her. once again the Reyna does not burst enemies plus she cannot overshield herself without allies being around her, so if she is running to you go and help her, she can throw overshields out like they’re going out of style. She will probably die if you don’t help her so go help her and keep a teammate alive.

This has been a friendly from a Reyna player and I hope that you may consider these things in the future. Thank you and I hope you have a good day/afternoon/night.


I enjoy playing support…add me on PS4 an we can do a miko renya some time… Im big BigBadIzzKid on PS4. Great post.

Excellent thread.

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I don’t know, man…I like to play ring around the rosie with Reyna. By the way, i keep forgetting that you CAN shoot through her bubble. Her bubble is way better than the Titans at Destiny

Her bubble is an amazing game changer.

Just have to be careful if a Shayne is around. Her AOE will still spawn in it. Its like a big target in incursion lol