A Message from Randy Varnell

Hey everyone,

We’d like to apologize again for the delay. We wanted to make sure this was done right, and that ended up taking a bit more time than we intended.

Below is a special message from Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell, aka @Jythri.

Hello Friends -

It’s been a while since I’ve communicated with you directly, so I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you as Battleborn rounds another milestone in its life.

As of this week, there will be no more Battleplans and there is currently no planned content after the Fall Update. Details of any future changes or news will be made on our forums or through social media, so keep your radars on.

Never fear! Battleborn is here to stay. Nothing is changing with Battleborn, and the servers will be up and active for the foreseeable future. We announced the Fall Update for the game at PAX including some new skins, themed around some of your favorite Borderlands characters! That update will also include some updated title art (more full bar titles!) for the more significant challenges in the game, as well as some additional Finisher Boosts and Taunts. Also, there are minor balance changes in that patch.

If you’ve been paying attention to recent news from the Gearbox Panel at PAX West, you’ll have heard that many folks at Gearbox are working on a highly anticipated project. Although I’m sad my time on Battleborn is coming to a close, I’m happy to announce that I will play a significant role on this highly anticipated but unannounced game, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing some from me again in the future regarding Gearbox games.

I’ve been working on Battleborn nearly exclusively since 2012, and in some ways, that work stretches back to 2009 for me. It’s been a long labor of love with many of my good friends at Gearbox, and I’m proud to have shared that journey with you, our community. Your spirit and loyalty have been a constant inspiration to the team at Gearbox.

Also, I want to personally thank you for giving Battleborn a chance, and dipping down into a new universe with us. We make games for you. And many of you have shared with us how much Battleborn has meant to you personally.

It’s always a bittersweet time when transitioning from one project to another, but also offers the opportunity to step back and enjoy the game we created. Keep an eye out for me in game!

For now, Commander Jythri is signing off and taking the first transport back to a wonderful box of surprises.

You are awesome.

For Solus.

As thanks to everyone who tuned in to the Battleplan over the last year, we've got a SHiFT code for Deande's "Intelligence" skin.


Go to the SHiFT menu under “Extras” and redeem the code before October 2nd. If you have any issues redeeming the code, don’t worry – our Support team will be happy to assist you via http://support.gearboxsoftware.com2

We’ll be posting here in the forums when we have more information to share on the Fall Update, so be on the lookout for that!

Thanks for your readership, y’all! As @Jythri says,

For Solus!



Can I just say:

Thanks, Jythri. For everything.


Happy to hear from Jythri even though he brings some kinda bad news (for Battleborn’s future).
So, with the next update most probably being the final one, let’s hope it will really balance and fix everything. At least it’S good to know servers will still be up for a while!


I knew this day would come eventually, though it hasn’t kept the tears from welling in my eyes.

Thank you Jythri.
For everything.

As mentioned above, hopefully this update will be everything the players need it to be. (Fingers crossed for challenges/lore/title accumulation in Private versus).


A commendable and noted effort.

I’ll look forward to his next projects.


Thank you Randy!


THANK YOU @Jythri !!!
Best of luck with the new project!!!


Thank you for all you have done to create Battleborn and support the community. Personally, Battleborn is one of my 5 favorite games of all time. Because of your vision and the hard work of you and your team, you have added some amazing experiences to the lives of me and my friends.


Its been an amazing adventure, and even though they’ll be no more new content, expect me to continue my support for this amazing game until the servers are shut down!


I will miss you in the BB community but i wish you luck and fun with the new project^^


The unannounced project is most likely “Borderlands 3” but Thank you guys for a fun game.


Not even cyber Deande? Sigh. I guess I shall never have my complete set.


Massive thank you to @Jythri and everyone else that was involved in creating the awesome game that is Battleborn. I do not regret a single minute out of the nearly 1600h that I’ve put into this game. I strongly hope that you consider picking up the Battleborn franchise again at some point in the future, because this game is the most underrated game in history of video games in my opinion, and I would love to see more people fall in love with it just like I did from the get go. Again, huge thank you to you guys, you will always be my favourite game developers.


Truly a bittersweet message but a highly appreciated one. This game has gone through so much, as a consumer I can see all the work you devs have done, a lot of criticism you faced even from us players. Lotsa hurdles you guys had to jump through and I want to say for making such an awesome game I truly felt like a badass with every character I played. Who knows maybe there will be a boomerang effect where this game gets the notoriety and respect it deserves some down the road. When I have time I think ill make a proper appreciation post but for now, thank you all devs and anyone who helped make battle born


Thank you, @Jythri, for your part in creating the game that is responsible for what is easily my favorite gaming community, where i have made many friends, as well as had a ton of fun portraying one of my favorite characters of all time. None of that would have been possible without you, and i know that whatever role you play in Gearbox’s future projects will be sure to improve them.


goddamn onion cutting ninjas ._.


It is upsetting to hear that Battleborn is finally coming to an end, but alas, this day had come at some point. I am just sad that this game never got the credit it entirely deserved. I can however, say that the time I have put into playing this game was time well spent. I have had many memorable moments with Battleborn’s community which I will not soon forget, and I hope that I can move on with a select few of those members and continue to play with them. Never have I enjoyed playing a game, and a certain character for that matter, so much. So thank you GBX, for making Battleborn worthwhile, and I wish you the best of luck on your next project.



I can’t say I’m surprised by this, but it still makes me sad.

You all created a game that I liked more than even I myself ever imagined. I never could really keep any long interest in PvP games with the exception of Battleborn. It is a special game to me. I’ve found great enjoyment in it and even more important: I found many friends just because of this game (won’t post names here, because I know I’d forget someone and end up in another one of my guilt trips).

Thank you @Jythri and also big thanks to everyone who helped creating this game. I won’t stop playing in the foreseeable future.

Deande as Vault Hunter confirmed!



Please GBX? Please…?