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I don’t feel like I need to create my own thread for this (even though it will likely get lost in this already long running thread), but he’s a few words from me on this shift (not an ending) in the Battleborn universe.

‪It’s probably a surprise to no one that knows me that I have been a strong supporter of Battleborn since shortly after it launched where I have continued to make cool things from my findings datamining the game and also while playing it.

I still have a pile of ideas I may never get to realize (or finish) and I definitely felt pretty guilty focusing on Destiny content in the lead up to Destiny 2’s launch. When stuff dies down though, I do want to go back and finish off a few things and of course update any information that has gone out of date since the last time I touched on it (the folks on the Discord server have already started making a list for me XD). It is the bane of every creator ever to leave ideas/projects unfinished, but there is just never enough time to do them all!

And just so you know, I also fully intend to mess around with these Borderlands skins once they drop. :eyes:

I’ve met many wonderful ppl which I hope stay in contact as the inevitable effect this announcement will have on the playerbase starts to kick in. You are all such a great little bunch of ppl that have honestly made me a better person with a lot more confidence in my own work and a stronger passion to one day attain my dream of getting into gamedev in some shape or form. I was in a very bad place prior to Battleborn, but the game and its community helped me realize that I COULD get to where I wanted to be despite my personal circumstances and self-doubt.

I would @ mention everyone but I think there’s a limit on how many mentions you can do on the forums (and i have so far avoided getting banned XD) but you all know who you are :wink:

And no, i won’t de-classify all the remaining gold and cyber skins until Gearbox actually release them all. If you look hard enough though, there should still be a thread somewhere on these forums with the full list which I unintentionally leaked in the early days of my Battleborn content creation. I felt so bad when it started a flame war about content being on the disk but inaccessible to players. :sweat_smile:

If you are a fan of Borderlands, I will probably start making things for that series as we get closer to the launch of the “unannounced title”, or if I suddenly find myself with free time on my hands (not likely anytime soon though). The Battleborn section will however remain as a staple corner of my website so that future ppl who go to it will see it, maybe click through and wonder why I put so much time into in a game they probably haven’t even heard about. :heart:

Keep in touch, keep watching Gearbox’s social media channels, and never forget that all of you helped prevent the last star from going out (for an extra 2 years at least)! :wink:

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Dammit- for not playing this game for months I shouldn’t have such a strong emotional reaction to this. It’s an expected yet still sad day. This game was a freaky labor of love clearly doomed from the start yet already so much more than most games. It never would have been possible if you and your team at Gearbox hadn’t taken this risk, and I thank you for it. Clearly it’s strongly affected many of our lives, and your sacrifice will not be forgotten. It appears Solus truly is being snuffed out, but it was a hell of a time saving it. I wish everyone at Gearbox and these forums the best

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Thank you for the game.
Best PvP experience I have ever had by a long shot.
Borderlands 2 was the best pve experience I’ve ever had.
You guys have absolutely mastered personality. With character design and very limited opportunity because it’s a PvP game, you somehow managed to bring so much depth into so many characters. You honestly achieved the impossible.
Just look at Montana for 5 seconds and tell me he isn’t the funniest character you’ve ever seen.
We’ve all seen him flying through the air into a fault trap.
You simply cant make that ■■■■ up lol. But yet, u did.
Why does thorn talk more trash about Montana than any other character in the game? Such a small detail that actually shows so much care and passion. Truly impressive creative work.

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You know damn well we’ll be awaiting your return. There is still things to be done, people to play with, and we all know that Melka’s ***king rework to come along.

P.S. Anyone whos on PS4, send me a friend request. I need to get Battleborn running again, and the best way is to make a community!
My ps is Neb_523.

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No surprise here. You haven’t been able to get into a public match for months now. I’m glad it’s over.

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Good Luck Randy, you’re a nice guy

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Battlegone! Sad. I also think its going to be a case of Bordergone and Gearbox gone. The vibe is not good. We would have heard some Borderlands news by now if the signs were good. Sorry to say but its really not looking good.

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Please, don’t stop with the local splitscreen/coop. You’re one of the few that makes good local coop games.

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@SageWindu, you win the pool! Would you like your winnings in credits, shards or kippers?

I chose mine in kippers, naturally…

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sigh stop going on about how you don’t think they will make Borderlands 3 please…

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Indeed, borderlands is their cash cow, they could literally half ass a game and slap BL3 on it and people would buy it, however they won’t do that, they have already said that BL3 will be a big game once it does finalyl arrive although they have nothing to announce at this point, but we all know after that tech demo not that long ago that they are working on it internally

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I was right about this being the end of Battleborn. Unfortunately I am probably right about the end of BL as well. As much as I want to be sooo wrong and hope BL3 will be a huge success I think we are probably hoping for too much from Gearbox in regards to BL3.

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Before this topic derails in personal disputes:

Please take a deep breath and if needed, read our Forum Rules again.

If one wants a discussion about how the changes of Battleborn and the Battleplans may affect future developement of other GBX-franchises, please open a new topic on that matter.

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Shayne and Aurox cyber skin for anyone who missed it.
The cyber effect only applies to Shayne. Not Aurox. Because Aurox refused to be digitized.


That doesn’t even make sense big guy! Do you know how many security cameras we’ve walked by today?

Stunned silence. Then…


Shayne grins.

Well… I mean… we were in all those stores at the LLC mega mall window shopping…

She pulls out her mall wish list and grabs a cart.


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We already have a top about what they guy said, and surprisingly a lot of people disagreed with him. People don’t larn :stuck_out_tongue:


I fervently believe every video game can benefit from the inclusion of more “Apocalypse Now” references. For Battleborn, I’ll settle for the “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” reference I snuck in…

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Kleese, Benedict, Ernest, Attikus, Whiskey Foxtrot, and Oscar Mike begin their new stretching regiment.

One… of us… is wearing… a push-up bra! It’s lacy! And cute!

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Welp There goes a great man and all my fun for videogames, like seriously i can’t enjoy any other game than Battleborn, Will miss you man and thanks for everything, Picks up Pitchforks and Torches So anybody joining me into raiding 2K HQ and burn to a crisp the man responsible for this inconceivable act?