A Message from Randy Varnell

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Well to be fair, its the lack of people playing the game that caused it, they just did the smart choice of cutting their losses, so if you want to start burning the ones that actually killed the game, start with the players who gave up on the game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Produces crossbow.

Give me names…

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Probably way too late to ask, but can’t we get one more level cap increase with this update then? Keep something to go for, or just unlock it with the update - like was once mentioned - and allow command rank and character rank to never end.

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Dude, your website saved me soo much time, and was a ton of help. Your site helped me make content of my own. Between you and MentalMars, looking for Battleborn content was like wondering alone in a dark forest, then stumbling upon a Wal-Mart out of know where. Thanks for all you did.

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This^. I want to be MR99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 with Toby…


It was fun while it lasted.

Definitely, something that I enjoyed. A great community and very friendly people.

Looking forward to the future projects! I can sense more interesting stuff coming out soon from Gearbox. I can’t wait for those! :blush:

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And Address… And maybe a ride home…

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I was waiting for the inevitable.


I’m terrible at writing these kinds of things, but I’ll hate myself if i don’t say anything here.
I love video games. Not just to play, but as an art form.Their ability to bring a player into a world the way no book or movie ever could has fascinated me my entire life.
But finding and experiencing Gearbox’s games is what made me realize that i wanted to devote my life and career to them.
The hilarious, unhinged, unbelievable yet human characters.
The brilliantly creative artstyles.
The insane settings and worlds you’d have to still be a child at heart to think of.
All of these are reasons Gearbox’s staff feels like family to me, even though we’ve never met. Because i can feel the same urge, the same calling to create worlds and experiences that stay real even after you’ve finished experiencing them.
If everything goes well, hopefully in a few years i’ll be making a living from my love and passion, thinking up characters and experiences that will give people that same feeling that i had.
Hell, if i’m lucky enough, i might even end up at Gearbox.

Until then, I think i’ll go listen to Handsome Jack’s spoon rant again and maybe do some sidequests.

Thank you for everything, you brilliant mad geniuses.


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Unlimited level up that gives the same rewards at each milestone, basically what it’s like playing Destiny after you reach max level.

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Battleborn is a better game than this. It’s sad. We’ll never flesh out what was up with that tenth-run twist in Phoebe/Ekkunar. We’ll never see Nova in a robot suit.

This was and is a great game. It deserves a future.


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Not in Battleborn 1 at least. Once Borderlands 3 comes out, who knows? Perhaps that Duke Nukem movie will mean more IP films/tv series will follow. Lots of things could happen in the future.

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@Jythri - Thank you for another super creative game. The character design in Battleborn is second to none, and i’ve enjoyed playing with most of them (needed to for Platinum hehe).

I loved Thorn from the minute she appeared in the initial closed beta and is still my favourite, and one of my all time game favourite characters. After the game had it’s major update which turned it into the slick game it is now, Phoebe then became another of my go to Bot Battle destroyer of heads :smile:

Battleborn deserved a bigger player base for sure, and like Borderlands 2 I can just go in and play anytime and have fun…which is what gaming is all about.

Enjoy your next project, we look forward to seeing it.

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Battleborn is such a great, unique, and absolutely beautiful game. Thanks gearbox for making it for us.

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I agree, @lowlines . Given the relative lack of success so far for Battleborn, and the apparent almost-abandonment that this announcement represents, I kinda doubt there’s a future for it. Bummer. The IP has such potential, and the characters really are wonderful. I’ve been quite critical of it lately, but I really do enjoy Battleborn and just wish it had gained better traction. There’s not a single damned thing wrong with this game that can’t be solved by about 20k concurrent players.

I’m looking at Paladins and thinking, “Battleborn is quite similar, only it’s better in every single way but player population. What gives?” Yeah, I played it. I got bored. Threw some coin at the developers anyway, because I’m a fan of supporting F2P developers with a little cash. The game honestly bored me after a few hours, partly because there’s zero depth or anything to the characters and there’s zero story. Battleborn gave us 30 really fun characters with honest personalities, and it gave us this epic tale of a ragtag bunch out against the odds to save us all from a big bad wolf. It was, and still is, very much worth playing.

But the game was basically born on life support, and I’m honestly surprised that it took this long for someone to pull the plug. Glad they’re gonna leave the servers up for a bit. But this announcement amounts to abandoning the game.

Let’s hope there’s a Battleborn 2 in the future, a few years down the road, and we can maybe get this IP the love it has deserved from the start. It’s one of the very few games with PvP that I don’t loathe, and that alone says a lot…


Ok… Look.
I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s clear that this iteration of Battleborn is done. Please… please. Don’t let this IP die. This is a great game, just at the wrong time it appears.

The message was all wrong around Battleborn. Being compared to Overwatch in the press, and in marketing… it’s not even close to being like Overwatch. Battleborn is unique and original, and NOTHING like Overwatch, honestly it’s closer to Paragon.

Also… the “Free Trial” was a marketing fail as well. Honestly that headline should have just said… Battleborn is now Free-2-Play.

Everyone i’ve convinced to try this game, has bought the season pass. The Multiplayer is really fun, and this game’s charm is really in the PvE content. All of the zany Gearbox humor is hidden in there.

There’s a lot of life left for Battleborn, and sadly it appears we will have to give it the Sonic treatment. Let it go away for a few years and bring it back to life later. There’s a lot left for battleborn, don’t let it die.

Raises Beer

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Define “better in every single way” does it use needlessly complicated and annoying systems of leveling up in a match aka the helix system? sure you might prefer something complicated, but the general masses do NOT, BB doesn’t grab the more casual market, i mean i play EVE Online, an MMO affectionately called “Spreadsheets in space”, does it compete with the WoW population by being niche and far more complicated than it needs to be? hell no

What you might see as “strengths” might actually be hurting the game long term, this game was always destined to be a niche product, it was never going to be super popular, i knew that, you knew that, everyone knew that, yes it had its fans, but even those died out, problem is the second gearbox started making the game more casual friendly everyone would have started with the “gearbox is dumbing down the game” when infact all they would be doing is making the game more marketable

But instead they stayed true to the core of the game and it as a result of hat we have now arrived at this, sadly you don’t get to have your cake and eat it very often, there is a reason these “worse in every way” games have more players, just look at junk like candy crush :stuck_out_tongue:

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While I welcome everyone to make up their own conclusions as to the future of Battleborn; I find it peculiar that there is an assumption that BB2 is unlikely, and frankly bizarre that BL was even mentioned.

I would kindly request that before any eulogies be made over the living body of the Battleborn franchise, we take a quick look at series who tried something new, and made alterations in the future to better their concept.

Nier, a story driven JRPG with some hack and slash elements. Slightly misses the mark first time around; ~130,000 copies sold.

Nier Automata beat those numbers in their first week of sales, and have sold a total of 1.5 million as of May.

Nier Automata. The sequel, of a moderately well received game, that was a spinoff of the less popular sequel of a moderately popular game.

Look at the Just Cause franchise.

Or hell, even the Witcher series.

Is the team there? Yes.
Is the ambition there? Yes.
Has growth/learning been accomplished? Yes.
Are the resources there? Yes, no reason to think otherwise.

Those are the questions I’d ask.

I am not saying there will be a BB2. But any conclusions made at this point and time amount to little more than a blindfolded shot.

Oh, and as for worries on BL3 there is already a thread for that.

(The RAbbi) #225

I define it in this context as, “doesn’t use a silly card system in a FPS, and you’re two key presses away from being back in the game”. Opinions will naturally vary. Buying rank-ups in the game while live, and using a set of cards before the match? VERY similar to Battleborn. But look at the graphic quality of Paladins versus BB, and there’s no comparing the two; BB is objectively better. First time I played Paladins, I thought I was looking at a ten year old Source mod. And there’s virtually no character depth or development or anything in Paladins, though that simplicity may be a selling point.

But it really feels like a timing and marketing thing that has more-or-less doomed Battleborn to a single season of disappointing player counts. Paladins was a bit of an underdog F2P game from a smaller (compared to GBX) developer, whereas Battleborn was touted as the next big thing by a big developer/publisher team. Even if Paladins were timed badly relative to Overwatch or Call of Battlefield XVIII, it was never considered on that same level because of who made it and how they monetized it. If @Giuvito is prophetically correct here, and BB turns back up in the future, it will hopefully be a better-informed dev/pub team coming at it from a different direction than we’ve seen in the first iteration. Multiplayer games can’t survive without players.