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(Okay, i’m sorry, but I HAVE to do it; it’s been bugging me for days… I know that this^ was a Dark Tower reference, but it has inspired me to make another reference, and continues to demand being written, like an itch that just won’t go away until it is scratched…)

A portal made of a green, goo-like substance suddenly springs into existence at the home of @dante_d_silva, and an old man dressed in a lab coat, who looks suspiciously close to Doc Brown from “Back to the Future”, walks through it into Dante’s bedroom.

OLD MAN (drunk and excited):
C’mon, Dante! Y-You gotta- burps -gotta come with me, Dante!

Dante opens his mouth to reply, but the old man cuts him off by grabbing him by an arm, and pulls Dante towards the portal.

We- burps -don’t have time for the whole cliche “who are you, and what do you want?!” routine, Dante! Y-You gotta come to universe T-800 with me, because I sorta killed the version of you that lived there…

Dante’s eyes widen upon hearing “the version of you that lived there”, and the old man puts one arm around Dante’s shoulder, while gesturing at the “horizon” with the other.

OLD MAN (with awe):
That’s right, Dante; infinite universes! T-800 is the universe where Battleborn made it BIG. It’s more than just a game there, Dante; I-It’s a lifestyle! THE lifestyle, Dante! It’s like that scene from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure where they- burps -get a glimpse of the future they create, and you Battleborn devs are Gods there, Dante! You devs are Gods there! Y-You’re gonna love it, but we gotta- burps -go now, Dante!

The old man suddenly pushes Dante into the portal, and steps through after him. Seconds later, it disappears, and no one in our universe ever hears from @dante_d_silva again, who is in a better place…

(Ahh… Itch. Scratched. Thank you! For those who don’t understand what the hell just happened, this^ was a Rick & Morty reference/parody thingy. I also threw in a Terminator reference and Bill & Ted reference, so i could cover all the big time-traveling films. Uh… Except Time Machine, because that movie sucked!)

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Graphics aren’t the make or break on a game unless you’re one of those people who think graphics = quality, there are many games that are graphically inferior but are far better than anything we’ve come to see spewed out from developers in recent years :stuck_out_tongue:

The only depth that matters is gameplay and their kits, in terms of that there are a few rather bland kits in BB, oscar mikes kit lacks any real depth and there are some other kits that aren’t exactly “deep and meaningful”, if you’re referring to lore, while its a cute addition it doesn’t actually affect gameplay, you don’t play a character in a game because you think they have an amazing deep backstory, you play them because you like playing them, i don’t play LtBelica in paragon because i like her as a character, i like her kit, do you think i play Zarya in OW because i like the character, no, i like the way she plays, lore is cool but in a PvP focussed game its secondary to gameplay, thats what will keep people playing, your game could look like the best thing in the world but if it plays like trying to get an elephant to walk a tightrope then people are going to drop it :stuck_out_tongue:

The timing issue was secondary, battleborn suffered for basically entering the free to play market with a $60 pricetag, the game was never worth that much and the cheaper game won out, now, had BB launched as a proper F2P title from day 1 i suspect we would be having a very different conversation and the game may well have done a lot better than it did, that being said, it would still have been a fairly niche project and instead of people calling it an OW clone (which it isn’t and thats a dead horse people need to stop beating as the games are completely different apart from both being hero shooters) it would have been labelled a smite clone, but atleast at that point it would be seen to be competing with something in the same division as itself and in that case it would likely have won out, BB was punching above its weight and when the big boys did punch back BB felt it and suffered for it, yes the marketing is likely to blame for a lot of this, the wonders of hindsight :stuck_out_tongue:

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Totally off-topic, but I´ve to praise you for your great job on writing Rick!

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Darn, i thought it might count because it referenced the opposite of Battleborn losing support, but i guess i knew that was a stretch. Sorry…

To get back on-topic then:

I hope that Battleborn 2- which i am surprisingly confident will be a thing -will have a story that is playable offline.

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Unlikely, always on DRM is pretty much standard now, it also means all loot unlocked in single player would need to be static loot otherwise the client could manipulate its progress easily, which negates the point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Duh, I ment my own post would be off-topic, not yours. But I won´t fight with the Derailer of Threads about what offtopic or not :sunglasses:

Indeed, this would be amazing!

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You are forgetting something though, and that is that Gearbox tried online-only, and it didn’t work. Not only that, but a lot of people- myself included -have previously begged Gearbox to save Battleborn by making the story offline-compatible if possible. Then there is the fact that many were upset with legendary gear turning matches, and RNG in general. Add them all l together, and i think Gearbox would not make Battleborn 2 online-only like it’s predecessor, or include gear in PVP. Hell, all we can do is conjecture at this point, and hope that there even IS a “BB2”…

(Shane) #233

Where did they try and it didn’t work, works fine with battleborn, which previous project tried it and failed? anytime you have progression like this you have to have a server to manage it, unless you’re going to remove all the PvP you’re going to have always online as a requirement, thats just a simple fact :slight_smile:

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Okay, there appears to have been a misunderstanding at some point, because at first you said that making Battleborn 2’s story playable offline isn’t likely to be a thing, and are now saying that online PVP can’t be played without a server; which, as you said, is an obvious fact…

So, to return to my orginal comment that you contested, why exactly do you think that Battleborn 2 couldn’t have a multiplayer server as well as a story that is playable offline? Because the majority of the games in my possesion do just that…

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I play Overwatch, Destiny, and lots of others stuff. hit me up. My internet doesn’t suck ass anymore.

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Thanks for the memories.
Sad to see you go.

Pretty much this, but I don’t really regret it. It was a great game that tried to fight a war with Blizzard. It truly was/is amazing. But as another of my threads shows…needs some tlc it will never get,

@HandsomeCam EDIT how can I forget my cutest penguin pal!?!

It has been a genuine honor.

I currently play with a few of the Battleborn people who jumped to Destiny and started a clan there. I have a separate one, but “Good relations with the Battleborn I have”.

Peace! It’s been one!

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So long and thnx for the fish



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Yes you misunderstood, onine games with online progression that are mostly PvP focussed with servers run ONLY by the company, aka the kind of game battleborn actually is, they all require you to be online to play regardless of if they have any kind of PvE content, as such, its extremely unlikelt BB2’s campaign being offline would happen, nor would it even need to be in this day and age, the campaign requiring an internet connection didn’t kill battleborn and it didn’t have any kind of impact on people who bought the game, so this is a non-issue at all

“So, to return to my orginal comment that you contested, why exactly do you think that Battleborn 2 couldn’t have a multiplayer server as well as a story that is playable offline? Because the majority of the games in my possesion do just that…”

Because would it NEED to have an offline single player, being a primarily PvP focussed ONLINE game i don’t see a reason to even bother making the single player offline, gearbox own all of the servers and the game is built around the multiplayer content, sure the campaign was cute but it wasn’t the meat and potatoes of the game, most games that fit in this group, like the CoD games, have a single player campaign that doesn’t have the option of multiplayer, whereas the campaign here is designed to be co-op so the online requirement fits perfectly, what you’re asking for is a completely single player game based on the BB universe, which is fine, but thats not what this game is about :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let me make that an open invite to anyone who got to play with me or even if you didn’t…i guess (hit me up, friend me, or whatever, on any system even steam…same screen name. If you don’t no hard feelings, if I don’t respond at first assume I’m busy. If i respond in the negative (which I likely won’t)…you didn’t need me anyhow.

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That might have been the most opinionated post i have ever read on these forums, and i’m actually quite amused that you have taken it upon yourself to not only decide what is and is not the more important aspect of Battleborn, but believe that something that others have asked for should not be implemented, for no other reason than you personally thinking that it is unneeded.

No, i’m not; you obviously missed my entire point… Again. That’s fine though; i know what to do when that happens, and an argument goes back and forth without making any headway:


(Yelling down from bubble):
Good day to you sir! Uh… OR MA’AM!! Sorry!

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I said good day!

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I am missing the latest Kelvin skin. The cyber one maybe? can shift codes be re opened?
I’d really like that option of using it. I’m sure others would appreciate the re ignition of previously expired codes.


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I wouldn’t say it didn’t have any impact. I played my share of Solo PvE (mostly Ops) and being kicked out of a game and having to start over because of a server/internet connection hiccup has been the source of a lot of frustration.

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I had zero connection related issues, might wanna check that internet connection of yours