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Now I’ll never win a game of supercharge!
The titles are lost to me forever!

(There were titles right?)

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Well you’ve provided zero reasons on why they should waste time coding an offline single player experience in 2017 when the core focus of the game is PvP, i mean how anyone could argue that is beyond me, i mean, its a PvP game, it would be like calling CoD a single player game when the focus is very obviously the multiplayer, i mean, did the fact that its called a “free PvP trial” not give it away, thats the core gameplay they expect people to play, yes you can pay to have access to the extra compaign content but its by no means mandatory

Its not a case of “believing” it shouldn’t be added, i fail to see what benefit there would be to bothering, when that campaign unlocks content for the rest of the game there is no reason not to have progress be tracked properly, i mean, you would have to abandon all the loot from the single player, you wouldn’t be able to use it to level up your account, you wouldn’t be able to use it to track scores, what would be the point, as i’ve said the PvP is the reason this game exists otherwise it would have just been made similar to a borderlands game with co-op, and seeing as the focus of the game is online multiplayer, what would they stand to gain from making the singleplayer an offline experience?

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And just because you didn’t doesn’t mean you’re the rule rather than the exception, I’ve played a LOT of online games with no trouble but was red barring on battleborn IN A PRIVATE STORY RUN.

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Then you’re either suffering from a routing issue or playing on the wrong servers, if i tried to play on an NA server i would get the same issue, internet routing is not something they have control over and for the vast overwhelming majority there wouldn’t have been an issue

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(Yes. One can only hope we can gain those in private PvP after the patch, because there’s some really good puns in those titles.)

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In lieu of getting banned for a snarky remark, I’m just going to add my own experiences of lagging in private runs here. Battleborn has had server issues mate.

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You did not develop the game. You cannot say what the true focus of the game is.

And irregardless of the focus, CoD always has an offline campaign.

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But when the option for “use best available” or whatever it is, one would have a reasonable expectation for that,

@shane, my point is that if I’m able to play other games online with battleborn being the one with the most trouble while simultaneously having less to track(ea battlefront 40 player modes no problem, battleborn me and my wife split screen=incredible lag) tells me there’s issues.

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No, but the developers can, did you try reading the steam store page, the description they set? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its extremely obvious where the focus was, what was the last thing added to the game, oh right, a PvP mode, the campaign isn’t even listed under “Features” on the steam store page, literally everything else is listed, i wonder why that is, could it be that the focus of the game is, gasps, PvP?

All this speaks very easily for itself if you even care to look :slight_smile:

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Allow me to restate. Why would you have them deliberately not add in a feature?

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Because it removes things from the game, as i’ve said, if you have a single player campaign you will lose out on being able to collect ANY loot from it, you won’t be able to use that data for any account progression because you can’t trust it, you’re literally downgrading the quality of the experience by even bothering the spend time developing that, you’re asking them to remove features of the existing experience to gain nothing, why would they do that exactly?

I mean have you got a good reason on why losing features would be a good thing?

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No, it’s not an issue of internet for most users. The servers legitimately are very poor quality. I run on a reliable 5g network with DL speeds of 100+ mb and plenty enough UL speed for any gaming, which isn’t as intensive as some folks think it is. Whenever my friends and I play peer to peer games like Payday 2, I’m always the host of the lobby because my internet is the most reliable of the group’s.

Yet Battleborn still disconnects, crashes and lags frequently even in private games on NA servers when I live near Chicago. There’s really no explanation for a quality network like mine experiencing this other than poor quality servers on BB’s side. There’s plenty of threads detailing people experiencing lag, crashes etc and I really find it hard to believe that every single person who’s complained about the server quality just has internet that bad.

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You’re also making some assumptions here,

If battleborn were to do a sequel I’d actually hope

they moved away from the RNG loot style for gear because it can be so pivotal.

So assume multiplayer has standardized gear(as in all gear is available or buyable with credits like paladins for example) so your loot argument is no longer an issue correct? Okay now next point.

Progression, you unlock mutations, that’s it. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be a god in multiplayer to have those unlocked

So that leaves what a lot of people loved, the STORY AND CHARACTERS!

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If you’re going to gut the game and make it generic and not stand out at all then sure, but in that case, why bother, you’ll just end up lost under the mountain of games that are the exact same thing with a different coat of paint, at that point you may aswell just focus on making a decent single player game and scrap the multiplayer altogether

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lol consoles, well yeah, when your playing on a system where you have to pay for the basic rights to play online :wink:

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You can have some standardized things without making it generic and unoriginal. There is still the in depth helix system for example, or the sheer amount of gear available. making the items available for direct purchase rather than a loot pack rng prayer doesn’t nullify the creativeness of battleborn like you seem to think

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Insulting other platforms is against the rules… :slight_smile:

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It has been stated once, and rather well I might add, in this thread that;

All opinions are welcome, opinions on other users, Are not welcome.

If anyone’s ears are burning, then there is probably reason for it.

No further warnings will be given.

Debate the topic. Do not give assessments of one another.

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didn’t insulted it, i stated a fact, playing online is a basic right, a basic right consoles are missing and they should have