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I took a look at Steam as you suggested.

Now to be fair, the main game page was changed after the update to reflect what you get with the Free Trial. But this is what you get if you go to the “Buy Full Game” page. Story mode was always a selling point for Battleborn. I became a PvP player, but I bought the game for the story.

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Was never a selling point anywhere i looked, its a MOBA first, ask anyone what it is and the PvP part always gets named first rather than the single player, the same as PvE modes in other games, it makes sense that its listed under the full game unlock, because thats all it adds, sure for some people it was important, but the single player doesn’t keep players active long term and it doesn’t make them any extra money, so while it was pretty to see the campaign its not what the majority of people bought the game for and it certainly wasn’t worth the $60 pricetag

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Were you not around for the big “PvE vs PvP” battles on the forum last year? We had developers in here to reassure everyone that they were taking PvE balance into consideration when they tweaked characters.

And if PvE was an afterthought, why was time and money invested into producing 5 DLC Operations? Why were those Operations one of the two main selling points of the Season Pass? Why did the Battleplans have paragraphs of lore? Why was a writer paid to extend the story with “Darkspace Operations” even after all the DLC was released?

It’s because there were plenty of fans who were/are invested in that side of the game.

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As an aside, may I query how this is on topic? This right here is like you complaining about how much you didn’t like a guy during his goddamn eulogy.


What is the major selling point of Battleborn?

“There are really three parts to the Battleborn process. First, there is an inspiring story of unity against all odds, then there is the execution of a unique gear system, and finally there is a side of pvp.”

  • ed Van-Halen

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Is it a topic derailment? Yes.

Especially considering there are 30-50 threads in the same vein one could easily access, but often things are done on the ‘main threads’ less to seek results and more to fuel hypotheticals.

The staff/moderators tend to be understanding that threads evolve. And, to bring it to the point. Randy tends to be a good sport about letting everyone an opportunity to express themselves, even when it borders on the expressly tangential.

I assure you, if the this thread had been started by some one who wasn’t GBX staff/mods we’d have been stricter as to enforcing the theme of the thread, but if anything, GBX values any form of feedback and would even welcome it in circumstance as heteroclitical as PvP vs PvE debate during some one’s exeunt from a project.

We do ask though;

Please stick to the topic of the thread.

If it continues, we’d have to move many of the comments to a new thread so as to make it easier to navigate for first time readers. And honestly, that doesn’t serve the interest of any party involved.

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See. Your opinion on the project itself is more than welcome. Your opinion of others; unwelcome.

But I’ll just stop alluding as you either missed it or didn’t care to listen, and just get to the point.

This last bit is more or less a slight bit of snark and slander added in to the end of a paragraph.

‘GBX doesn’t care about their fans’ is frankly an assessment of users, which the employees of GBX still are users of this forum, and that isn’t welcome.

So. Enough warnings have been given out, now is the time for action.

Any further ad hominems, either to other users or staff will be met with a message in inboxes. And they won’t be discussions on the weather.

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Right. I feel like I’ll need to set the records straight, at whatever consequence that may have.

First, allow me to concede the point that GBX, like any other organization are not perfect. There are plenty of decisions made that I disagree with; and that boils down to the fact that there is no entity in existence I always agree with. I disagree with the Missus, none the less the forum I mod for. I expect disagreement in everything, it is a facet of life.

That doesn’t make me appreciate anything any less.

There is a rather naive folly in characterizing an organization which spends hundreds of hours of man power (monthly) in order to process and implement changes to fit to end user demands.

Happy customers is their business. They’re not commodities tradesmen, and they’re far from the ‘giant’ in the industry to the point that they could afford to be uncaring about customer needs/demands.

And as some one who deals with customers on a daily basis (roughly around 50~80 a day), I can say the following. It is very easy to tell who actually cares to offer a meaningful critique and who is creating a criticism for the sake of some basic hustle.

But the folks at GBX have more poise and grace than I do, because when some one comes to my shop with a bottle half filled with water attempting to pawn it of a ‘corked-wine’ I don’t give them the effort and time gearbox does, I just give them a choice of four letter words that they can use as a parting.

And hell. Business is still really damn good. It could be that I sell the last legal drug, or because treating your customers right, or rather your genuine customers, always pays off at the end.

Yes, of course Gearbox are ‘in it for the money’. Every business is in it for that. I don’t think I need to remind everyone that this is their profession. Who is this great altruist here who has been attending their vocation pro bono for the betterment of humanity?

But you do end up caring for your fans. In the same way I do genuinely love my customers. You end up caring a lot. Why? Because they are the people who helped you make ends meet. They’re the people who spend their hard earned dollars on you, and you learn to appreciate that. Just as any fan would learn to appreciate that what GBX did took time an effort.

And I can attest to it, because I saw it first hand. Please criticize their work all you want, but becoming personal and getting in to their morality, while I’m looking first hand at all they do for their fans is when it becomes unacceptable.

Oh, and what I love? They don’t advertise it. They don’t make some press release. I’ve witnessed them make efforts on behalf of their user base that they purposefully didn’t make a fuss about. Because if they’d blast their good deeds, it would’ve been nothing more than a bow for a round of applause. A gimmick.

I’m at work a odin-damned total of 80 hours a week. I’m not being remunerated by GBX in any manner shape or form. I do this because a company who I’ve seen, first hand, strive to care for their users and players deserves something back from the community. And while I cannot speak on behalf of others, I try to do my part.


It rings of petulance to imply that there is some dastardly conspiracy being executed by an industry competitor who is out number 10-1 by most of it’s competitors, and still has managed to produce quality games.


Rule number one of artistic critique is to criticize the work not the individual. As the latter usually shows you have nothing insightful to say about the prior.

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It is sad that there will be no more updates. Thanks for making it a great game up to this point. Will there be adjustments made to the achievements to make them possible to … you know … achieve? With no one in the multiplayer the matches anymore it is next to impossible to get the ones where one battleborn has to go against a certain other battleborn.


Personally, and I know this is already a heated / tense topic, i know , from many conversations with many die-hard, long time players of this unique, wonderful, and misunderstood game, that Battleborn probably only survived as long and strong as it did because of PVE / Story, not despite it.

People having a particularly rough batch of matches who want a less stressful, more laid back, Battleborn experience?

Hop onto PVE.

Loooooove certain characters / enemies / Bosses and their dialogues / interactions?

Hop onto PvE.

Perfectionists trying to beat point, time, and score records set by themselves or others for levels?

Hop onto PVE.

Looking for that perfect, elusive piece of gear and enjoy the attempts to get it?

Hop onto PVE.

Want to get know an unfamiliar character without throwing yourself into the l33t meat grinder that is PvP?

Hop onto PVE.

The reasons go on and on.

PVE / Story is absolutely a vital part and facet of the Battleborn experience!

I personally would love for Gearbox to find a way to have Story mode permanently available Offline simply because there was sooooo much in PVE that I personally never did and would still like to one day!

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…I think we broke @Giuvito

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Not my experience at all.

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I assure you my good sir, I am exceedingly whole.

I’ve just seen that nonsense spread like termites in every other thread on every other topic in the past few months, and I will not entertain it if only for the repetitiveness.

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I’ll keep it short, and simple. And leave my negatives about Bb out of it, even if they are alot.

But thank you for atleast creating one of my now all time favorite characters; Beatrix Lucavi. There’s nothing like her, and I cannot stress enough on how many aspects she fits my tastes. I really hope it isn’t the last of her we’ll be seeing.



She recently saw some action (written by myself, humbly) working alongside Tannis in our GMRP thread!

You should join us for some adventures!

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I had a ton of fun RP’ing as Miss Lucavi, but it has been too long for me to get back into it.
The whole RP thread dragged me through some very bad times, actually. But now for me, unfortunately it has run its course.

For my favorite Fenici @HandsomeCam (spelled wrong, but oh well)


Oh, really?

I had no idea.

That makes me sad to hear…


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Oh, and-


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Same diff. You will always remain my favorite test subject :3


@PoeticNova @handsomecam

And I believe we have just found an amazing new way to annoy Cam…