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As @dante_d_silva would say, “thankee sai!”


Smashes flipper into glass case that reads “break glass in case of recognition on social media”, inside of which is a [redacted].

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THE HARVEST BEGINS!! Are you happy, @lowlines?!

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What harvest?

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Breaking Character…

Well… if you ever change your mind… just remember… I will be here…
To create an unnecessarily complex PowerPoint presentation on the psychological and thematic nuances of the last poop joke I wrote with Benedict.

I mean… I SUPPOSE I could sum up the major plot points and character developments too… but… why read that when you can hear my thesis on “Benedict’s Bird Sh*t and Jungian Psychology?”

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…death by PowerPoint is against my religion you CRETIN!

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I’m not good w/ writing stuff + language barrier, but

thank you, @Jythri, thank you GBX, for creating and bringing up such a wonderful game to us, thank you for all these characters and universe, little details and fun matches. thank you. I really hope all these nice thing will improve later in some kind of new coming.

[but srsly, it gotta have an offline mod w/ restriction to edit .INI’es maybe, but please]

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How tempted this PowerPoint presentation may be, I really moved on. Actually working on finally building my own future (I have very good motivation for that now!), and not just experimenting on a Finisci named Toby.

I might come back, and remind you of this presentation, I certainely won’t be able to let go of Miss Lucavi entirely after all.

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Uh, h-hey, guys… Let her move on!

Laughs nervously.


Thanks to all the devs for making one of the most memorable games ever. Nothing beats the characters of Battleborn, how they are presented as well as the depth of them. It’s easily on par with many RPG games. We can only hope that carries over for the next Borderlands. This game is the epitome of what “hero” based games should be, rich, interesting characters with depth and history. The way everything comes together to build this universe is fantastic, the characters, lore, game modes and maps all come together to paint a picture of an amazingly fleshed out universe. Hopefully we can get more, not just of these characters, or the universe, but of the quolity that they are presented within this game.

Good luck to everyone who worked on this. Even though Gearbox is getting a bad name for many reasons, we know that the BB team is the core of why we love Gearbox. The humor, the characters, the loot, the world’s that they lay out for us to enjoy. Hopefully Randy V can keep many of those talented folks together for future projects.


I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for such an amazing game!
It was almost exactly two years ago that I discovered it and I knew immediately that I would fall in love. I remember signing up for the Beta and my excitement when I was selected to take part and then actually playing it, I really felt part of something special. I first played as Thorn and she is, to this day, my favourite character in any FPS - from her character design to her gameplay in my opinion she’s perfect!
Then the long wait for full release, I scoured the net for news on the game and then when it finally came I was not disappointed! My brother and I love this game and have spent so many hours saving Solus together and will spend many more!
Thank you Gearbox for making one of my favourite games ever! I look forward to your next projects.

But I have one request: please find a way of making the game playable even after the servers eventually go down. I understand multiplayer will go but don’t let the local campaign levels be unplayable, they are something my brother and I want to be able to revisit again and again years from now and it would be a shame if they had to die too.

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Battleborn was a huge mess from the get-go. The beta was met with mixed reviews it seemed to have rushed to get done to a fixed release date. Matching multiplayer was a mess, balancing was all over the place. Non US servers had a hell of a time getting a game. Originally it was launched with minimal PVE but overtime they added more which felt like an afterthought. Balancing and matchmaking was a mess over the entire year as the game “balanced” it seemed that the characters somewhat dulled to achieve the balance. It cost a fortune to make and came out with a $60 price tag and was not marketed! The rational reason I can come up with for a low marketing budget was that Gearbox may have decided that the game needed to survive of its own merit as Marketing is expensive and if you don’t get a positive response in sales the you are even more in the red. Randy P said it in an video interview with Geoff Keighley that he was not sure if people would actually like the game. That was warning bells right there. The lack of commitment to DLC was also alarming, fans of Gearbox have come to expect a Borderlands level of commitment to a game via DLC. This was supposed to be a breakout game and I would have expected to go all out to impress but to me it feels like they were cutting their losses even before launch. Then at launch the gamers who actually paid full price on day one did not stick around for very long. I expect there were a huge number of early trade ins which would have affected further sales. It seems that Gearbox stuck with their obligations to deliver the DLC and support it at least for a year. The last straw was to go with a free trial which saw a small boost in numbers but after a month most of those were gone. The game is loved deeply by a very small core of players but for an investor to ever sink AAA money into a sequel of a failed concept (to find an audience who like it I mean) such as Battleborn they must have rocks in their heads. The real shame is to think of all the time wasted where they could have been developing a new Borderlands and all the while worked on a smaller game on the side around the Battleborn concept to see if it has any traction in the marketplace before going AAA. As far as marketing goes even when Overwatch came out it seemed like Battleborn already conceded defeat (even though they are not the same game in many ways). Anyway those are just my thoughts. Feel free to agree or disagree as you please.

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This is true. I have said this before. If Borderlands was made by another company I would not have issue with it. I am a fan of games, not gaming companies per se.

I wouldn’t give two hoots if Gearbox was branching out with other ideas so long as it does not interfere with the next Borderlands game.

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I took part in several conversations on Youtube recently, they all revolved aroung seemingly general hate towards Gearbox, Battleborn and Randy Pitchford in particular. And it really looks to me like hating them is a trend now, whether it’s because of personal disappointment or just because it’s cool and fun to sh…t-post about them and feel united with other sh…t-posters.

Now it makes me think one of the reasons Battleborn sunk was because there were so many people who wanted to see it sink no matter how good or bad the game actually was. Whether they were Blizzard fanboys who saw it as a competition, Borderlands fanboys who only want GBX to make Borderlands games again and again and again, or GBX-haters in general, they all worked hard to form that “bad game” image around Battleborn. And there was little to oppose them with a nearly absent PR and a niche nature of the game.

So, if my observations are correct, every GBX game that is not Borderlands is destined to have the same negative reception from the get-go without any correlation to the quality of the game itself.

And it is really sad. Both for GBX and other great games, I believe, they have talent to make. How can it be ever solved, what do you think?

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My personal thought potentially isn’t allowed on these forums


I’m still mad at Jackie Chan because Rush Hour 4 isn’t here yet. :sob:

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I agree with Shane, however, in that 1) offline PVE is vulnerable to cheating, and it makes PVP vulnerable too because progress and items are shared between two modes; 2) PVP mode, let’s say, recieved more attention from players than PVE, and it was initialy meant to be so.