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Pitchford and GBX brought these problems on themselves with their practices over the years, so it’s hardly a surprise that some people were rooting for Battleborn to fail solely because of this. However, for me, it’s simply down to the fact that Battleborn was a good, but not great, game in a crowded market and it just lost out. If it was a better game or had less competitors, then it would have been more successful.

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Thanks to all the devs for making a game that instantly grew on me i may have gotten the game last september but i have had some of the best times playing battleborn with members of the community i even played a few games with the devs during streams and i also have a friend whos a dev but i love the game the lore and so glad ive got my very own battleborn watch from GBX.

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For me it’s much more complicated than being good/great. We all know examples when great games fail while not very good flourish. Even Battleborn is much better and cheaper now than it was at launch, but it didn’t help it survive.

Also, for me there are no competitors to Battleborn, the game’s too different from everything out there. You can name a few competitors if you pick one particular feature of the game, but there are none if you look at the game as a whole.

When you develop something new, something fresh, especially if you aren’t backed with a massive PR campaign, general image of your game and readiness of your gaming audience to accept new concept are key. No matter how great your game is it’ll be hard to be successful when people either don’t know about it or think it’s bad. Or think it has to be something else than it is and leave disappointed.

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Took them long enough to announce what everyone already knew…abandoned and left to die…

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that’s not very nice of you

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The hate for Randy Pitchford was something I actually had to look into a couple months ago because I just didn’t get it. Even with knowledge of where it began, I still don’t really get it. I find him interesting, entertaining, and insightful, personally. I think you are at least partially right in that it became a trend. And then because of that trend a lot of people didn’t bother to actually form their own opinions. There are a LOT of people blindly throwing around “I will never buy anything Gearbox, they suck!” (this is directed not towards people who have formed their own informed views but at the follower mentality). Those same people will probably be firs tin line for BL3.

In short: Randy Pitchford is the Nickelback of games development. (That is not a dig.) Highly successful and will continue to be so despite being reviled.

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I’ve been following the comments on the Are Technica article about the Battleborn end-of-support, and I’m seeing a lot of the same things.

A common sentiment is that Battleborn failed because it was a bad or boring game with a terrible story mode. Funnily enough, the MOST any of those saying such things played was the CTT or open beta: none of them appear to have played since. There’s only a couple of folks chiming in to say that they actually enjoyed the game. Also quite a bit of hate for TPS simply because it wasn’t BL2, which I’ve also never understood. All I can say is, a lot of folks are missing out because of this drone of negativity.

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I’m really glad nobody lost their jobs “because of this game”


I mentioned this earlier somewhere:
I think I’ve observed that some people enjoy hating on the company that makes the games they proclaim to love at least as much (if not more) as they enjoy the games they proclaim to love. Thankfully it’s a tiny percentage of all players that do that.

However tiny a minority they may be, they are noisy. And whilst YouTube has made everyone’s opinion monetized, we get to see and hear a lot of that noise.

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To quote the summary of the summary of the summary, “People are a problem.”

Meanwhile, I’ll take this opportunity to add that FOR ME, Battleborn has been an unexpected and highly fun ride (certain in-game frustrations aside). It was not really on my radar until the open beta; I only did Story mode and some private versus, but I was sold. I took a look at how many hours I had in the game recently: not any where near as many as @crimsonregret55 or one other on my friends list, but still a respectable total for a filthy stinking console casual. I’ve got most of the achievements, too (about 6 or 7 characters left to master?) I will keep coming back to it as long as I possibly can, and I would TOTALLY buy another season of Story Ops should the good folks at Gearbox need something to keep certain staff busy once BL3 is on it’s way out to release.

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As long as GBX continues to commit to excellent split-screen gaming then they’ve pretty much got me for life. They are absolute paragons in this respect and there are fewer and fewer like them

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Skynet is making drones that spread negativity now?!


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Wait, pool? What pool? Like a swimming pool? “Billiards” pool? Deadpool? Gwenpool?! Deadpool Corps featuring Gwenpool?!!?!?!?! :scream:

Seriously, I think I missed something. I kinda… took a break after this Battleplan (such as it is), so to speak.

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The kind with a bookie, haha. You know… On who would be the first to ruin the good vibes? Ehh… Not important. Just take your winnings:


What? It’s a Finisci betting pool! WHAT DID YOU THINK YOU’D WIN?!

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Seal flipper pie!

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On two to one odds?! Pfft… I need to make enough of a profit from the pool to warrant running it…

He can have ten sushi rolls instead, if he wants:


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I disagree, I think there’s good reason for the hate that Pitchford gets, but I avoided any details in my previous post, as I don’t want to be in violation of forum policy in regards to discussing GBX employees (a policy which I totally understand, given that this is a company website and not a reddit). For the record, BL2 is one of my top 5 favourite games of all time though :smile: and I also loved their Brothers in Arms series from a long time ago.

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Do they at least come with mustard? Ooh, or hot sauce?! :open_mouth:

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(Voice of The Lorrian):
You can have coffee creamer that’s gone
sa-LIGHTLY bad…

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Just to remind you Battleborn’s condition on Consoles.

■■■■ haters and
OW fanboys :wink: