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  1. “Box of Surprises” = Pandora. #Jussayin
  2. @Jythri Thank you and the team for an incredible ride. I’ve been hyped about this game since I played the beta and was blown away by the fun gameplay and the off kilter humor. Not only has this game given me countless hours of enjoyment, but I’ve never before been as easily engaged with the actual development team of a AAA game. You’ve all been incredibly helpful and respectful and I will be forever appreciative for that.
    All my best for you and the rest of the team moving forward. And thanks again for such a beautiful game and work of art. I know Solus will forever be in my heart. :heart:

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In the end, they helped me.

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I’m all in for November 2nd

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I wish this game had more time to shine. I feel like the life of this game has been incomplete. Nevertheless, thank you jythri and the crew for developing it. Also, thank you the community for keeping it 100 and loving what you love, regardless of the rocky road Battleborn went through.

I definitely agree with others that Battleborn is a game where I feel like a badass with every character I use. This game truely gave no fucks =). And of course, thank you so much for EL DRAGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON.

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I am going with the proud and true November 19, at 11 Am PST

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im going with the 26th, pushed back to the 27th (because i want it on the 27th and cant see another way to get it there :stuck_out_tongue:

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I LOVE how you guys are sending ME these betting pool guesses, haha!

Just officially stating that i am not really running a legit betting pool with an actual payout for the Fall update; that would be illegal…

That being said…


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As one who created over 90 fan Battleborn creations for this game, I must say that it has been quite the journey over the past eighteen months of this game’s lifetime. People have heavily compared Battleborn to Overwatch and those of us who know better will say Overwatch is just a glorified Team Fortress 3 with heroes. As the Randy man said, Battleborn has been in development much longer than Overwatch has been and with the team at Gearbox being the size it is going up against a game giant like Blizzard takes true cahones. Battleborn, no matter its fate, will have a place in all the hearts of the freaks, misfits, outcasts, exiles, renegades and mavericks. The game was a shot in the dark, but sometimes the only way to make a great game is to make a terrible one and use the experience to experiment and make mistakes. As long as Gearbox learns from the mistakes they made about Battleborn then this game, the time and community that it created will not have been for naught. Who knows, maybe we might get a game in the future that is reminiscent of Battleborn and is done right. As a fellow protector of the Last Star, this game will always have a special place in my heart for the creativity, humor, insanity and joy this game made me feel. We all have our criticisms for the game, but it comes down to the same result no matter who you are: Was the game fun?

If you’ve read this far the answer to the question is clear. There is no other game I would have invested so much time and effort in to create as many heroes of the last star as I did. I also created a follow up story and mission for Battleborn if a sequel were ever to be created with a need for new heroes to save the universes.

The creators of Battleborn need to be aware that this game wasn’t just their labor of love, it was also the community’s labor of love. All fans of games, comics, movies and every other medium for stories out there do different things to express their support, the big and the small, the successful and the failed, the saved and the abandoned. This game belongs to everyone who has invested their time for the simple act of contributing their limited time to supporting this game. I’m not saying that this is a contest for favorites or super fans, this is a gathering for the brave and bold who would choose to not let this game go quietly into the night. We contributed to this game’s upkeep just as much as the developers did and we deserve to be a part of the development process for games going forward. Every fan who is an artist, creator, writer, programmer, gamer, musician, streamer, broadcaster, participant and e-sports player ensured Battleborn’s survival to this day. And I am sure we will never forget this unforged ingot of a game.

More could be said, but I’ve probably said enough. In all essence I should simply say: this is Julian Morris-Haaker, creator of 90 Battleborn heroes and several other Battleborn related story, game mechanics and revisions, fan and lover of this unique game, signing off.

P.S. I will provide a link to my reddit page where I posted all of my heroes and game ideas for the game. See below.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4a9wd3/i_have_ideas_for_battleborn_characters_what_do/?st=irk1jgzf&sh=c76ebad5 This is the first one with my first 25 Battleborn.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4ctnvp/5_new_battleborn/?st=irk28ygi&sh=03645580 This is for my next five bringing the total up to 30.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4fw942/im_back_with_new_battleborn_everybody/?st=irk2nm4m&sh=679bd0a7 This link brings the total up to 51

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/4vvwqp/junkodefiant_here_with_9_more_battleborn_bringing/?st=irk2upx7&sh=e1ea2a9a And that’s the other nine making the grand total 60.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/6kvt77/junko_defiant_with_my_very_last_faction_for_the/?st=j4x60xyl&sh=ea65636f This link takes you to my new Jennerit Faction called the Vengeant. Brings Battleborn concepts up to 65

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/6kvmh8/junkodefiant_here_with_my_fourth_faction_the_void/?st=j4x63yv5&sh=2cfa88f4 This is the fourth faction called the Void Raiders. Brings Battleborn character concepts up to 71.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/6kvhrf/new_travelers_from_your_friend_junkodefiant_here/?st=j4x6837w&sh=370fc38b This is the next batch for the Uncaged, an Eldrid sub-faction I created. Brings Battleborn concepts to 77.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Battleborn/comments/5qqt3n/for_all_you_battleborn_fans_do_you_want_more/?st=j4x5xjw4&sh=212335a3 This final link has the rest of my Battleborn created content that includes my other two factions a new protection system like the shields, and a few interesting lore concepts in case you were wondering what the characters would do after 20 years of protecting Solus and leading up to the events in the Traveler’s Initiative. Brings Battleborn concepts up to 90.

Thanks again everyone for hearing me out. Good luck with any future fan creations for games you have. I am also an author who recently published a book of my own called Airborne, a science fiction fantasy hybrid story. I will provide a link for that as well in case anyone is interested.

Take care you brave protectors of the Last Star. Be defiant and unflinching in your creative resolve. Farewell…

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Crap… where’s my update?


Incredibly impressive!

An honourable fare thee well to you!

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I dont want to sound selfish but I had a question for the developers, why isnt there a 1v1 in cursion mode? Its like you built a full functioning map only to be used in a tutorial? I think there should be 1 more update and unlock that map you only get in the tutorial and turn it into a 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 6v6 map?

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Not a developer, but you should be able to do 1v1, 2v2, etc. in private versus matches if you want to - just set the number of bots to 0 for each team. You’re not limited to incursion that way, either.

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The game can barely support one queue. Having multiple queues just makes one active and the rest dead.

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Bring back Vs. Draft as the one queue then.

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… why? There’s no reason to change anything. Gearbox has been officially done with this game for almost a year now.

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Because i strongly believe that public matchmaking would involve less steamrolling if certain CC comps could be banned, and i remember matches being way more fair against 3 or 5 mans in Vs. Draft, because of target-banning.

That being said, given the influx of new players that i have been seeing in the last few months, Solo/Duo would probably be the best possible queue to have for them, seeing as the knowledge of comps and players’ mains necessary to make balance via Vs. Draft possible, is not something new players would have. Still, i’d argue that separating friends who enjoy playing together is worse than stripping them of their mains.

I just prefer Vs. Draft because the majority of the playerbase are veterans who DO know each other enough to create more fun and balanced matches through character bans. Imagine if you didn’t have to fight Oscar Mike every single match, or certain CC comps that suck all of the fun out of a match could be taken away from teams you KNOW will take them. Sure, you’ll occasionally end up not being able to play a character that you want to often enough for it to be an annoying inconvenience, but i think it would go a LONG way towards balancing most matches. Players who excell as a certain character would unfortunately be the most hurt by this, but an entire team would be spared a steamroll by that player in exchange. No one likes being target-banned obviously, but i personally believe that it’s one of those “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” situations.

I’m well aware of that, and was just expressing my opinion of what would help balance public matchmaking, which is about as far from friendly to new and casual players as ever i’ve seen. Let me dream, even if i know that’s all it ever will be…


The problem is: You can’t do draft as only public queue unless you lock all trial players out of PvP until they have at least 14 characters (even better a few more to give them at least SOME choice in worst case).

On PC, I also still find Oscar Mike ban a waste of a spot as well as target bans (OK, it was hilarious when we were all in discord once and @icee jokingly banned both Deande and Beatrix to get rid of my “mains”, but usually there are always more problematic characters to get rid of than target bans). OM is a strong DPS, but he isn’t some invincible monster that can steamroll a game all by himself. Might as well also ban Pendles then, because I’ve seen him pubstomp a few times too when people have no awareness.

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Sighs sadly. Yeah… I know… The whole “free trial” thing is a dead horse of a different color that has been beaten enough too, so i won’t get into that again…

The key words there are:

Don’t get me wrong, i agree that it’s a waste to ban him in private 10s- the only place where bans are a thing -but those are between skilled players that usually have a code of honor regarding legendary gear though. I don’t really know how to tactfully say this, so i’ll just say it and hope it doesn’t come off in a negative way: PC really has no public matchmaking anymore, and hasn’t for quite some time. On PS4 though, there are plenty of players in public matchmaking that have no qualms with running a double or triple-legendary stacked Oscar Mike that makes this-

-a reality. If you are playing with randoms and one of said players ends up on the other team, you’re going to be in for quite a bad ride, especially if you like playing as Toby, ISIC, Montana, Attikus, etc. Just the Symbiotic Guantlet on him combined with his full tactical rounds magazine helix at lvl. 5 makes him a nightmare to deal with in even semi-competent hands. The fact that he gets his ult on the same level just makes it worse. I’d absolutely love to ban him in PS4’s public matchmaking.


I sometimes play pubs on PS4, even if I only have pathetic gear there and get stomped pretty often. I’d still rather ban that braindead character called Thorn or “Bolas, Voxis, Nihilism, lol”-Orendi then.