A Message from Randy Varnell


Obviously: Assassin Deande, Waveclear Deande and Sniper Deande.


A little more serious: When I played during the open beta, I only played the two story missions and ISIC has been one of the biggest reasons to preorder the DDE after I had played for only 2 hours. The Oscar Mike DLC isn’t my favourite DLC gameplay wise, but the dialogue always cracks me up. I’ve played Meltdown bot matches shortly after release just to listen to MINREC (and lost quite a few because of laughing when I still found another unknown to me quote) - I wasn’t really too offended when the PvP group I initially played with didn’t really like Incursion and pulled me into Meltdown.

You did a really great job with giving so many things so much personality. :slight_smile:

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To quote Alani: “I never had a group of friends before, I promise I’ll do you all proud!”

And you did us proud :sunglasses:

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:smirk: Is that so…

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Though it’s obviously ISIC, ISIC and ISIC, cuz there’s like, at least a thousand or so of him.

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No… I had a black screen because I pulled my memory stick out too early like an idiot…

BUT my other montages went a bit better :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you. I truly loved playing them all…and no matter what happens, they will still be around for as long as I am.:+1:t3:

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Lmao that was so funny. @anthonynicholson was there.

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@Supernovasnipe, you need to defend your title!


I do hope so. I just noticed how the Oscar Mike audio lore is almost fitting for this whole thread. :smiley:


My current PvP group seems to have no intent of stopping anytime soon. I think the daily EU ten stack on PC will stay for a while.

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Big thank you to @Jythri and the entire GBX team.

I definitely had a great journey myself from playing Battleborn that I never thought could happen and at the same time meeting tons of other community members/friends from the forums and discord channels.

Honestly, I mark it down as one of my top 5 memories that I will never forget. From getting to meet everyone at Gearbox, been playing their games since I was a teenager and also being able to be on the big stage with some of the coolest people I know playing some Battleborn. A truly incredible experience.

It was so much fun and will be looking forward to the future… until then

Thank you!!!

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I’ll have something more articulate to say later, but until then, all I got is…


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I have been called to respond but whatever I don’t care

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I haven’t been around for long, and I mostly only lurk around these parts, but I am so touched by you folks.

Thanks for being a dream community to stream for.
Thanks for tuning in.
Most of all, thanks for doing your part to help children in need and make @JoeKGBX eat a tomato against his will in the process.

You rock our collective socks off.

For Solus!

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Will Mellka bae be there in the future?? <3



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most certainly :wink:

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Well i seriously doubt anyone was surprised by this, i mean most of us predicted this a long while back

Battleborn wasn’t a bad game, it had its issues but it was a fairly solid foundation, now, i will ask something that normally gets asked at the demise of a game, a question that 99.99999% of the time gets the same answer, but, how about open sourcing the game when you do finally pull the plug, the game is written in UE which is already open source, the steam SDK’s are freely available, i appreciate there is still going to be 3rd party licensed code present, yes its a long shot but hey, i’ll ask the question :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh boy, here we go. I have to find the right words in the midst of being emotional over something I saw coming a mile away but simultaneously feels so sudden.

Battleborn was the right game at the right time in my life. I was coming out of a four-year relationship that turned out to not be the best thing for me, it ended in the least satisfying way humanly possible to boot, and I was not handling it in a healthy way. I needed something positive to focus on to keep my thoughts from drifting into dark places.

Around Summer of 2015 I started looking more and more into the game after E3 and began studying it. The story, the characters, the gear, the helix system, and the underlying mathematics that allow players to customize and optimize. I wanted to share this information with everyone who would listen so with zero experience in audio and video-the creator side of YouTube in general-I started my own channel to cover Battleborn while not really knowing where that journey would take me.

I know since then I haven’t exactly been the most consistent with content but one thing that has never wavered is my love of this game and the community that developed around it. Through Battleborn, I’ve met so many new friends, interacted with some of the talented developers who brought the game to life, and was given the incredible honor of being invited to E3 2016. There are no words in the English language to describe how Battleborn had a positive impact on my life and how grateful I am for everyone who contributed to the game. Whether you are a developer, publisher, or community member, I want you to know I’m thankful.

It might be a fool’s errand to tag the noteworthy mentions but I’m crazy enough to try to get the big ones.

@Jythri: Thank you for being instrumental in bringing Battleborn to life. My life would not be the same without you and it.

@dante_d_silva: Thank you for expanding the story and lore. I hope one day we will rejoin the Dark Space Operations.

@JoeKGBX, @MereAtGBX, and @ElisaRockDoc : Thank you for being outstanding ambassadors to the community and making sure player-developer feedback is a two-way street. You three have been instrumental in shaping the game and the community.

@anthonynicholson: Thank you for Alani and Beatrix.

@scottv: Thank you for programming the [expletive] out of this game.

Finally to the community members… actually, never mind. It would be impossible to get all of you and I can’t bring myself to risk leaving anyone out. So instead let me say this: you know who you are and you should know I think you’re awesome.

For Solus
For Battleborn
For PhoeBAE

-Solus Scientist

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So, 2 (more) things:



2.) If we could, like, keep this away from the hardcore Overwatch, Paladins, and even Borderlands peeps, that might be for the best… :sweat:

(Shane) #141

Oh i think they already know, lets be fair, i think the only surprise is that it took this long