A Message from Randy Varnell

(Croth4) #166

Make it so, sir. Your enthusiasm for the product was palpable, and ‘completely’ is the best way to go into any creative endeavor. The physical design team, story writers and let’s not forget absolutely stellar voice cast created something seriously unforgettable, and quite frankly deserved a far greater reception in some alternative history.

Here’s hoping we can eventually see how much we’ve all learned together from the experience as it manifests in round 2 down the road. I won’t forget when you referred to Battleborn as ‘Season 1’ and will always note the space for 5 more character spaces to round out the select screen. Someone has to say hello to Rendain, after all. Thanks for everything and keep the faith in your universe, Randy. :facepunch:

(BrianWilson!) #167

See everyone on tomorrow for some incursion!

(Australian Lite™) #168

Well ■■■■.

I got nothing. You fine fellows have already said everything I could possible think to say, and more.

Battleborn was what originally got me to join the forums, looking for people to play with, despite having played Borderlands for a while. And so I was introduced to probably the best gaming community I’ve ever encountered. The sheer amount of blatant positivity in the face of fall and failure is something I’m proud to have witnessed.

Still won’t forget the first time playing through The Algorithm as Thorn, back in the open beta. And my first/second/fifty-sixth crossmap grenade kill with Ernest. And all the incredible art - fan or official - that I’ve kept saved. And I may have a nice little recording of the ambient sound in my favourite spot in The Archive.

I owe you far more than the sixty or so dollars I paid for my entry to this universe.

Thank you for everything. All the best.

(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #169

I’m currently part of the Southern Fried Dank Memes clan, I’ll get around to joining the Guardians of Solus soon… maybe… but, like, fried chicken…


Am I the only one who feels that Telltale Games could do Battleborn proud with a “Tales from Solus” or “Tales of the Battleborn” game?

(Science triumphs!) #171

They would probably get ■■■■ upon if they did.

(Maskerader) #172

Despite leaving these forums long ago, I had to log in, you know… To say thank you for the amazing game. So unique and underrated.

Really? Please, make it happen! :+1:

(PSN: Prosess1) #173

Thank you Gearbox for this fantastic game!

I want to point out from the small community of couch co-op players that you made a remarkable splitscreen game! You are truly alone in the current trend of videogames that support only single player activity. You, you are the true badass!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.




I was thoroughly impressed with their take on Borderlands…

(Nixon Kane) #175

Thanks for all. Seriously. This game is one of my favourite game of all time. It’s so sad that the haters win this time…

(Science triumphs!) #176

Sure, I personally would love to see that happen. But most people hate Battleborn for no reason, and stupid as they are they would hate Telltale for making a Battleborn game rather than another game they’d been expecting, without even knowing anything about Battleborn.

(Orendi's Best Buddy) #177

Telltale typically works on at least three games at one time but people would still think they’re pooling 100% of their resources into the Battleborn game. :wink:


@LexAnarchy @Genericktag

The incredible accuracy of both your statements truly saddens me…


(Ozcomingfroo) #179

I Kinda wish to see a hack and slash game with one of the melee characters.


Well, a this point my “thank you” will probably sound as a generic one buuuuut…

THANK YOU GEARBOX! You created a masterpiece!

I have 200+ hours on Battleborn where around 160 of which I played with almost non-existent GPU on low settings and on a 640x480 resolution (at that time I couldn’t afford a decent GPU)… but It was still amazing and I could not just not play it.

I’ll never forget my first playthrough during the CTT with that four-armed little creature.
Playing this game was (and it still is) some kind of a magical and relaxing experience.
Everytime that I play Battleborn it just feels right, like a real universe, like a second home.
I’ve also never met a more kind and welcoming community than this.

Thanks to everyone who worked on Battleborn.
Good luck with your new project! @Jythri

(Is this thing on?) #181

Ahahahha! It is CANON! (Or should that be cannon ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also @dante_d_silva, if you ever have a lull in writing for TOPSECRETPROJECT, there’s a little corner of the BB forums in need of a bit more lore. Just sayin…

(Zstreet17) #182

@Jythri @dante_d_silva @JoeKGBX @scottv @MereAtGBX @ElisaRockDoc

I just wanted to say thanks for everything Battleborn related over the last year+. I think we all suspected the Fall Update would be the last but I’m glad for the support Gearbox was able to provide. All of us in this topic love/loved Battleborn and I feel safe in saying not nearly enough gamers gave Battleborn the chance it deserved. I hope one day we can all return to Solus together.

This seems in apt time to summarize my first Battleborn experience. What better place to express our personal journeys with Battleborn then here, right? Battleborn for me wasn’t a game I was waiting for to release, I had heard of it but didn’t follow it’s developmental progression. A friend simply said “Hey, the Battleborn open beta is this week.” as I was not currently addicted to any game I though to myself that I should give it a try.

My first experience was a 50 minute solo of The Algorithm (yes it took me 50 minutes lol) followed by one pvp match both as Oscar Mike. That match was my laggiest experience with Battleborn to date and I came away disappointed but when it wasn’t laggy I was having a ton of fun and decided when I had more time I would be sure to play more. I’m glad I did as I never experienced lag like that in any other match during the beta and each time I tried a new hero I found myself smiling and loving trying to figure out the best way to play that character.

When the beta ended I found myself looking at every early access stream on Twitch I could find just to get more and I immediately pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition. 1000+ hours later I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite games of all time.

PS: It wouldn’t be a fan talking to a dev without asking for something… so I’d like to remind you guys there are a few Cyber and Gold skins not released to the public :wink:

(baconfoxy) #183

Well, it’s been one hell of a ride, although I was sitting quietly in the shadows through most of it. I’m really glad I got to play this game, it really means alot to me. Thanks randy.

(baconfoxy) #184

You’ve got me and ive got you and were gonna pull through this thing together. Right?


Yes, together we shall turn the tide.