A Message To Axton Players

Hi guys,
This is a little tip if you are having trouble with Pyro Pete’s shield and have a Homing StormFront (the Fuse Time really doesn’t matter) lying about in your inventory or whatever. You really wanna be specced down the left and middle skill trees to get grenade damage bonuses and whatnot, with points in Sentry, Grenadier, Steady, Longbow Turret, Battlefront (10/5 if you can), and Do or Die. If you can find a COM with +Grenadier in it, then you can equip this while you do this trick, then switch out to whatever COM you like. The reason the Grenadier COM is preferred is that it takes your grenade capacity up to 20 with another 5 points in the skill.

The trick is this:
As soon as you put the Eridium in the Raid Post, you want to turn around as soon as possible to be facing where Pete drops in. You don’t have to move, unless you miss the sweet spot, just be facing where he jumps down. As soon as the explosion goes off to signify his arrival, throw your turret roughly where he lands. Try and get it on point and in the middle.

If you are successful, Pete won’t be able to move, as your turret will be in the way. And by not able to move, I mean COMPLETELY not able to move. I have had it where he won’t even attack the turret. However, this is where your points in Sentry come into play, as this adds another 20 seconds onto the turret’s duration.
Here’s the best part. If you succeed and he gets stuck, then stand by the raid post and throw all, and I mean ALL your grenades at him. As he is unable to move, he will be under constant AOE and his shield will go down fairly quickly. Speed it up by shooting him with a Bee and a weapon of your choice. I haven’t been able to test it with 20 grenades yet, but I can tell you now, even with only 15, his shield goes down quicker than your turret’s duration.

You won’t pull it off every time, but practice it. It does take a fair amount of precision, but if I can do it, anyone can do it. And before anyone says “this hasn’t been tested enough”, I have had it happen around 10-15 times, and it definitely doesn’t happen any other way. I will do a little bit more research on where this “sweet spot” seems to be and update this thread if I come up with anything.

My PS3 might explode if I do that…


Haha, to be fair, there was some slight slowdown, but nothing game-breaking.

If you have a Shock Sandhawk handy, then that would be useful as you can hit him with all the pellets, rather than half or 3/4 of em while he’s chasing you around the arena.

From my experience, he will attack your turret close to a 100% of the time as long you throw it near his landing spot before paying the eridium cost. This makes it very easy to hit him regardless of whether or not he gets stuck or not.

When this happens he will either try and melee your turret or try and use his dot attacks on it. Both result in little movement and make him an easy target.

As for dealing with his shield, I never throw grenades at him. Shock Sandhawk with Bee and a shock Bone of the Ancients and Leg. Soldier mod along with an optimal builds should take his shield down way before your turret expires.

Alternate option, which I like to use, is using a shock Baby Maker, shock BoA relic, blue class mod (can’t remember the name…) with +6 Steady and +5 Pressure along with a Hoplite and then Bee Shield.

Should equip the Hoplite and then blue class mod right before the fight, then after throwing down your turret and paying the eridium, switch to the Bee shield. This will make your health very low and cause extremely high reload speeds with +10 in Pressure. Start chucking Baby Makers at him at warp speed an watch his shield melt. A Brisk Baby Maker with a Tediore grip will already have a reload speed of just 1.0 sec, so adding in the extra bonuses makes chucking insane.

It’s very fun, IMO, but also a little dangerous so keep a little distance between yourself and Pete so as to not get hit with the child Baby Makers. You’ll easily get downed if one hits you.

after stripping his shield, switch to an explosive relic, leg. Soldier mod and a DPUH and go to town after washing off the DOTs. Whole fight shouldn’t even last 2 minutes (at level 72) I think in the old time trials here on the forums, I was able to beat him just under 2 minutes at lvl72 without the Bee shield since it was banned. A guy with perfect gear even had a slightly better time. Takes a lot of practice but entirely doable.

I was trying this last night. The closer I got the turret to where he lands, the better the results. As @Jimmy_cornflower noted, he’ll go for the turret anyway (as long as it’s close enough - if it’s on the ceiling, he’s going to come after you!)

I’ve gotten myself trapped in my turret a couple of times when it landed right on top of me (due to clipping the edge of a doorway or wall), so I’m not surprised it can do the same thing to Pete. Incidentally, in the process I got enough crystals to purchase my first “120” item from one of the vendors.

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Congrats on getting the Seraph crystals. What did you end up buying?

Personally, the only items I think are must haves are the Antagonist shield or the Florentine. I have Antagonists on all my characters and the Floertine is really good on Axton, as are all non Bandit Plasma Casters. Great utility weapon.

After those two items not much stands out to me. Seeker is pretty powerful but doesn’t really fit my playstyle. Same with the Meteor Shower and Seraphim.

I went with the Antagonist for now. I also have quite a collection of O-negatives (all elements), Hoplites, and Big Boom Blasters, which are currently making there way between my different max level characters. Not sure if I’ll keep them all, but I will experiment a bit with all of them.

Excellent choice! Can’t really go wrong with that. I’d definitely get a Floertine next. I like using an Impetous Florentine since it speeds up the fire rate and projectile speed. It can be quite a bullet hose with Metal Storm active or with Wreck and Phaselock. It’s pretty easy to farm the vendor as well since they’re usually 3 or 4 at least in the store.

Worth noting that it is also quite good as a FFYL weapon as Maya with Immolate. Slag, Shock and Fire damage all at once melts most flesh enemies.

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Psh, kill him with the gate :slight_smile: I mean if we are willing to use glitches it doesn’t get any easier than that