A Message To leyuno1

Leyuno1 or Mr. Pooky I think it was. I am wondering whatever happened to that site and if you’re still active on here. I just found this site and remember that private message I sent to you about how to change the soldiers on our team to germans and play as them. Btw I am talking about Brothers In Arms Hell’s Highway. We could also change our allied soldiers to have different weapons or helmets or even change them so that they could be Allen or Garnett and play with them in the editor on maps. Well I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to spread this so everyone knows and maybe they can create new battles with custom soldiers in them.

I think it could bring more creativity into Hell’s Highway like a little bit like Rendrocs mod for R2h30 and Eib.

Hey Mr.Baker,

I made a topic about my sdk page a few days ago, you probably missed it

Yes I did know about that but do you remember that unofficial wiki you had where your name was Mr. Pooky I was wondering where that went and did you see the other half of the first message

Here are some screenshots of custom soldiers that im talking about.

I will be honest I don’t really know what you are asking.

The site you are referring to, is it the bia sdk wiki site? I own that host and I have my login to alter the pages, so if you are asking if I am still able to add stuff then yes I can. If you have information that could be useful, write it up and post it here. I will add it to the wiki.

I don’t know how to change the squad soldiers to german soldiers unfortunately. It could be possible but I haven’t tried to find out how it works. I suggest you open up the editor and look at the options. Maybe you will need to program a mutator, I am no expert at unreal script though.

Playing as a different soldier yourself all comes down to the voice of the guy you are playing since they are all using the same uniform, you wouldn’t need to change your hands/arms for that.

If you have information that could be interesting for the

I am talking about the Hells Highway editor and I already know how to change the soldiers to either German or have them be some random US Soldier. Do you remember me sending you a message before and you said it was a nice find and it was a large brick of wall because it contained many steps. If you do I was wondering if you could help me or knew anyone that could because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that knows how to edit the soldiers in Hells Highway to contain any weapon, any helmet, any body, any face, and any dialogue. Also I can create brand new soldiers to have any rank with any name. Sorry for the long message.

no problem, I do remember it now. I think I didn’t find the time to go through it all, I’m sorry. If you could, please describe the steps here so I can add them to the wiki pages. It’s a nice find.

I think the only problem is that you need to make a skin for the player’s arms so they reflect a German uniform.

Get ready for a lot of steps. BTW please read this real quick I do not know how to get this to work in the actual game I only know how to get it to work in the editor.

Making a Custom US Soldier
1.)Go to the Generic Browser under directory go to character then click on char_archetype then right click and click fully load.

2.)Since were creating a US soldier click on US below char_archetype and find a character that works in game Ex. Zanovich, Dawson, Jasper and so on.

3.) We want to duplicate it by right clicking on it then don’t change anything besides the new name. Name it whatever I would choose the name of the soldier in this case I choose Jackson.

4.) Now you will see it mine is Jackson. Now right click on it and go to properties. Scroll down to identity change its character name to whatever for me it is Jackson. Then change his UnitTextIdentifier to whatever rank you want Ex. Pvt. Jackson.

5.) Scroll down to Pawn then if you want you can change his body by clicking on Body Mesh then SkeletalMeshComponent. Go down to SkeletalMesh and click the magnifier glass next to it. Then still under character go down to char_us_all_paratrooper fully load it and click on BodyParts. Find a body you like Ex. us_para_bulky. Then click on it once and go back to the properties right by the magnifier glass that we clicked there is the green arrow click on it and it should be replaced. You now have a new body.

6.) Now to change the head right below the Body Mesh is the HeadHandsMesh go down the exact same way to the magnifier glass to find a head you like. I choose the Allen head and once I click on the head I go back again to the properties and click the green arrow. Now I have Allen’s head. And yes you can play with Allen if you make him exact.

7.) Now to change the helmet under HeadHandsMesh is the PhysicsPack click on it and expand the [0] then the PackMeshComponet then the StaticMeshComponet click on the magnifier glass and find a helmet you like and do the exact same thing click on it then go back and click the green arrow.

8.) Now you can change the Recon symbol on the side of the helmet to the ones from Normandy. While still on PhysicsPack go to RenderMaterials then materials and expand it. Once again click the magnifier glass under the char_us_all_paratrooper click on Helmet and find the mati_helmet_allen click on it go back to and click the green arrow. Now he’s not a recon soldier.

9.) Now you can change the sounds but im not going to explain that yet. If you want to change the loadout of the soldier which is changing his guns go all the way down to SumacPawn then expand InventoryItems click the magnifier glass next to the [0] you will be brought to a list of guns choose one then go back and click the green arrow.

10.) Now you’re done creating the soldier trust me you will get the hang of it and will enjoy doing this. Now save the char_archetype and now when you spawn a SumacPawnCloner and you’re choosing the character under PawnCloner then CloneArchetype you can click the magnifier glass and find your soldier and place him in.

Finally we are done once it’s in your head you will understand how to do it everytime. I will show you guys how to make germans later on and to change their voices for now just enjoy this and explore the editor . Btw if anyone finds anything new I would gladly listen to what you found. Now get out there and have fun.

Man it gets tiring typing all that above

Here is a better clear picture of customs soldiers

Thanks for the transcript, I will try it out as soon as I have the time.

From what I read, you are making a new class in the editor. So essentially you are modding the game to add new data.

To save this you need to either alter the original game files (NOT recommended, and I am not at all sure if this is possible to begin with) or you need to save the newly created classes to a file of your own. It might be possible to add them to a single player mission package so when you load the mission the game loads in your custom soldiers.

That is why you can only have it work in the editor from what I remember. I have made new versions of certain static models (gave them altered textures in my crossroads map) and saved it in the same package. The package would then be created with the same name in they custom maps folder. As long as that package was there I could not boot my original game because the altered package created a conflict.

I can’t promise a timeframe because my personal life is quite hectic right now, but I will take the time to try and figure it out once I have time to spare.

Those were the issues I was having, but other than that it is still a great thing to mess around with in editor. Just cause it’s not playable in the actual game doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it in the editor.

Also something I forgot to mention is that when you make custom soldiers like that or anything else and then you save the file it does not replace the game files. Instead it creates that new file in your documents under My Games then under Hell’s Highway then SumacGame I think and you can look at the packages. That is where those custom files are containing your soldiers.